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To The Better Times With a Ticket For Free
Buy a ticket to "Better Times" now and get two tickets to Bratislava, Vienna or Budapest for it later

Do You Miss Travelling?

All of us can't wait for the borders to open and we can travel again. Not only for the big trips with planes around the world. The small ones as well. Between Vienna and Bratislava for a day. Or from Bratislava to Budapest for the weekend.

Support Slovak Lines

For years we have been your reliable carrier. Before the crisis, you've travelled with us every day to Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest. Our buses to the international airports in Vienna and Budapest were the beginning of your adventurous trips to the world.

Then came the Covid crisis, the borders closed and our international connections are suspended after the decition of the Crisis Council of the Slovak Republic. You and us all wait patiently for the day we can relaunch them.

Help us to hold on.

Each Of You Gets a Free Ticket

Buy a ticket from Bratislava to an imaginary stop „Better Times“ in Vienna or Budapest. Each of you will get an e-mail on May 11th, 2020, with a promo code. You can use the promo code after the relaunch of our international connections to buy two one-way tickets to the same destination, Vienna or Budapest (including the opposite direction).

Note: You can only buy a ticket of the tariff "Adult". The ticket cannot be cancelled.

Does Everybody Get A Free Ticket?

Yes. Your symbolic support means a lot for us in these tough times. We will be happy to repay you with a free extra ticket for your friend after this is all over.

1. How To Do It

Buy a ticket between May 1st and 10th, 2020, via the website or a mobile app of Slovak Lines to one of two imaginary bus stops: „Better Times in Vienna“ or „Better Times in Budapest“. Leave the date of the trip pre-filled.

2. How Much Does It Cost

For the ticket to the "Better Times" you pay the smallest possible price that you have been paying for trips between Bratislava and Vienna or Budapest before the borders closed:: 4,9 € for Vienna and 7,9 € for Budapest.

3. Two Tickets For The Price Of One

On Monday, May 11th, 2020, we'll send you an e-mail with a promo code valid for one year. All you have to do is wait until our international connections relaunch.

4. How To Use The Promo Code

You will use the promo code to purchase two one-way adult tickets on the website or in the mobile app of Slovak Lines. The promo codes are applied after you choose the Start, the Destination, the Date and the Tariff "2 Adults" and choose the specific Departure Time. Fill in your promo code to the "Add Promo Code" field in the next step "Trip Summary" and click "Apply code". The price for the ticket will be changed to 0 EUR.

5. Where Can I Travel Later?

You can use the promo code to buy tickets to any stop on the routes from Bratislava to Vienna or Budapest, in any direction. That means that you can also use the stop Vienna Airport on the route between Bratislava and Vienna the stop Budapest Airport on the route between Bratislava and Budapest.  

6. Amount Of Tickets Isn't Limited

You can buy as many tickets to "Better Times" as you like. Promo code is valid for both ways, which means you can buy more tickets to Better Times and use the promo codes for the way back as well.