Christmas market in Bratislava - What can you look forward to this year?

At the end of November (22.11.2019) the streets in Bratislava will be transformed by glowing christmas lights and large Christmas trees will be built in the famous squares. 2019 is bringing some changes and you should not miss it. Visit Christmas market at Hviezdoslav's Square, the Main Square or the christmas market right next to Eurovea Shopping Center.

Zero-Waste Christmas Market

The concept for the 2019 Christmas Market has changed. It brings more quality, sustainability and ecology. This year we will all try to avoid or at least reduce waste. Drinks and food are only available in reusable cups and compostable dishes, so you can enjoy as much as you want. 

A cozy atmosphere is complemented by delicious food and drinks. You should be sure to try some traditional slovakian food as lokshe (potato flatbread) with lard or liver. If you prefer sweet food, you will like the ones with chocolate or poppy seeds. Also very popular are roast goose and potato pancakes. What Slovaks drink at the Christmas market is mulled wine and alcoholic punch with fruit (or non-alcoholic children's punch).  As a gift you can bring home a bottle of mead (called also honey wine), that is an alcoholic drink of the ancient Slavs made of honey. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, what makes it beneficial for the body.

Christmas market in Bratislava
Christmas market in Bratislava

Be part of a charity

Nonprofit organizations will have their stalls at the Christmas markets where they will present their charitable activities. Maybe you will consider volunteering in Slovakia or donate money to an organization for a greater impact on people and the environment. 

Get to know the Slovak culture

Slovaks are proud of their folklore. It has a long tradition of traditional costumes, folk dances and folk music. You can look forward to folklore events, music and dance performances. Many christmas market stalls offer traditional crafts. Bring home some home-made gifts as jewellery, fur hats, beeswax candles or christmas decorations.

Christmas market in Bratislava
Christmas market in Bratislava

Vegan Christmas Market

Do you want to taste typical Christmas treats, but you prefer a vegan cuisine? Then the Christmas market in the garden of the Umelka restaurant is a perfect tip for you. From the 13th to the 23th of December you can enjoy handmade goods, eco products and above all delicious vegan food. Do not miss an amazing atmosphere on the Christmas Markets in Bratislava.

Get there from Vienna

Whether you land on Vienna Airport or travel from Vienna city center, it's very easy. The buses of Slovak Lines leave every hour and if you get off at "Most SNP" stop, you're basically next to Hviezdoslavovo Square where the Christmas Market stands begin. Buying the ticket takes only a couple of seconds on Slovak Lines website or in the Slovak Lines mobile app. You don't need to print the ticket, just present in when boarding the bus on the screen of your device.