New Station
Opening 30. 9.
Experience the new Nivy Bus Station with your mouth wide open. We present you a modern airport-type bus terminal, which will make bus travel a completely new experience.

New city center

The Nivy station will become the heart of the Nové Nivy locality with a large shopping center, a market and a green roof full of sports and leisure opportunities. Thanks to accessibility, versatility and a wide range of uses, a new center of Bratislava is being created here, which is a destination in itself.

Everything in one place

Before traveling, feel free to shop in one of the largest shopping malls with more than a hundred establishments, enjoy lunch in the varied food court, always buy fresh food in the market or just relax on the green roof in the city center. And the benefits of the new Nivy station do not end there.

Station of the highest standard

1,100 connections per day

More than 1,100 international and regional bus connections a day in one place. Your convenient access is guaranteed by the excellent cycling infrastructure, strong connection to public transport, the underground roundabout and plenty of parking.

Terminal of the future

A modern airport-type bus terminal of the highest standard. The integrated bus station will attract around 10,000 passengers a day, who will be able to shop, relax and spend their time meaningfully before or after their travel.

Always fresh air even underground

The area on the platforms is ventilated all year round by exchanging air in a volume of 60,000 m3 per hour, it is adiabatically treated and fed directly above the people on the platforms by means of Colt Coolstream cooling devices.

Comfortable Lounge: Autumn 2021

While waiting for the bus, you will be able to use the elegant Lounge, where free refreshments in the form of water and coffee will be prepared for passengers on international and long-distance routes, and at the same time you will be able to buy practical travel or souvenir items.

Comfort all around

Services for all cases

Within the station you will also find the services of the lost and found department, non-stop luggage storage, modern barrier-free toilets and separate changing/breastfeeding rooms.

Packeta Point

There is a dispensing and receiving point for the Packeta parcel service, thanks to which you can pick up your parcel and get on your bus directly with it.

Seating, that will give you energy

You can use comfortable benches for up to 140 passengers with the possibility of USB charging of electronic devices.

Fast „Free Wifi“

The station premises are completely covered by fast and free Wi-Fi.

Everything at your fingertips

Green roof for everyone

The year-round outdoor destination offers the opportunity to play sports, work or relax in a pleasant green environment closely connected with the gastro concept one floor lower.

Location, location, location

The strategic location of the Nivy station within Bratislava guarantees excellent walking, cycling and car accessibility. The city center and other transport hubs are literally at your fingertips.

Access from all sides

The station can be easily reached from each floor, entrance or location of the shopping center via up to 14 elevators, 2 escalators, one traveler and 13 stairs. Full barrier-free access and toilets are a natural part of the entire building and all areas of the station.

The most important shops at hand

On the same floor, right next to the station, you have ideal access to the most popular commercial establishments such as Alza, Lidl, 101 drugstores or Anker, from which you can immediately take your purchase with you on the bus.