THERMAL CORVINUS, transport for 0€

Had enough of the swimming pools in Bratislava? Come with us to THERMAL CORVINUS spa in Veľký Meder and enjoy the offer of swimming pools, spas and water attractions like no other. We'll take you directly to the entrance.

The timeline of the Lednice trip every Saturday and Sunday

Departute from Bratislava
Bratislava, Bus Station
Free program
Arrival to Bratislava
Bratislava, Bus Station

About the destination

Spa worth the adjective „Royal“: You can enjoy exterior and interior swimming pools for kids and adults, hot tubs, swimming pool with the passing water, jumping pool, water slides and other attractions.

Wellness: If swimming wasn't enough, you can buy entrance to the modern wellness centre as well.

Spa services: Still not enough? Choose from other services like massages, salt & spa studio, salt chamber, biotherapty with fish and other.

Refreshments: Enjoy great food in Beatrix restaurant, fast food restaurant, buffets and typical Slovak chalet.

Learn more about THERMAL CORVINUS spa here.

Buy ticket

Adult (from 16 years of age) 15 € *
Child (until the 15 years of age) 12 € *

*The price includes the transport and the entrance to the swimming pools. Each passenger gets their ticket to swimming pools from the driver of the bus after boarding.

Children up to the 2 years of age without the demand for a seat has the transport and entrance for free.

Why is the bus trip great?

Choosing the bus of Slovak Lines is a comfortable and safe way of travelling. Do you know all the advantages?

Transport and entrance in one

The ticket for the bus trip is also the entrance ticket to the swimming pools. It costs the same price as the entrance ticket which means that the transport is for free.

Buy your ticket online

Buy your ticket online

Save time and energy and get your ticket quiickly and conveniently in our mobile app or the Slovak Lines web. You don't need to print it, just present it when boarding the bus on the display of your device.

Save the environment

Save the environment

Our luxury Setra buses meet the ecological norms, that's why they're the perfect means of transport especially for the trips to the nature.

Enjoy the services on board

Enjoy the services on board

Connect your own device to our entertainment portal, or just surf the web on our free Wi-Fi. You can also rely on our air conditioning and a water to quench your thirst.

Is travelling safe

Even though the situation is better, we continue to clean our buses regularly with a polymer PolyHMG disinfectioin that eliminates the existing viruses and microorganisms and leaves the surfaces protected. You can count on us that we do everything to preserve your safety.

Additional information

• The passenger is required the outbound ticket to the destination and the inbound return ticket from the destination for the same day.

• The passenger receives the entrance ticket to THERMAL CORVINUS from the driver of the bus after boarding the bus.

• Is it not possible to cancel tickets for the Summer Trips online. You can ask for your ticket to be cancelled by an e-mail to or by a letter to the address of the carrier. Cancelling the ticket up to 8 days prior to the planned departure of the bus is free. Cancelling the ticket between 7 and 4 days prior to the scheduled departure of the bus is with the cancellation fee of 50% of the ticket price. Cancelling the ticket 3 and less days prior to the scheduled departure of the bus is with the cancellation fee of 100% of the ticket price. The aliquote amount is refunded in cash or sent back to the bank account which was used to pay for the tickets.

• The passenger only boards the bus with the name specified on the ticket or listens to the instructions of the driver or other employee of the carrier.

• The bus departs from Bratislava in the morning and returns from Veľký Meder in the evening in times published on the ticket. If the passenger misses the departure of the bus, they are not entitled to refunding the ticket or any part of the ticket.

• Slovak Lines reserve the option to cancel the trip if the minimum capacity of 20 passengers isn't fulfiled on the bus. This will be announced to the passengers as late as 15 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the bus. If the trip is cancelled the passengers will be offered an alternative destination on the same date or an alternative date for the same destination. If the passenger isn't interested in any of these options, they will be refunded financially for the tickets in full amount.

• Transport of animals isn't permitted.

• Terms and conditions of Slovak Lines Express

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