International Slovak Lines connections

International line Bratislava - Vienna Airport - Vienna operates both ways due to the valid timetable with a limited amount of connections: 15 times per day to the Airport and 6 times per day to Vienna.

Increased security checks are currently underway at border crossings with Austria, which may result in slight delays. Therefore, we ask you to take into account the situation and plan your trip to Austria or back with a time reserve.

If you are traveling to the center of Vienna, from 15 January 2021 registration is no longer required, but must be demonstrated by either a vaccination certificate, a COVID-19 disease confirmation certificate or a negative test. You can find all the necessary information and the form itself on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic.

International line Bratislava - Budapest - Budapest Airport is suspended from September 1st, 2020, due to border entrance restrictions introduced by Hungarian government.

Regional Slovak Lines Regio Connections

Since 26th April the connections run again reliably due to the school schedule.

Connections marked as X, X11 and X81 operate.

Connections marked as  X10X80 do not operate.

MHD Malacky

Public Transport Malacky operates due to the usual schedule.

MHD Senec

Public bus transportation in Senec does not operate.

Safety Measures

We ask the passengers to observe the safety measures in all Slovak Lines buses due to the emergency situation.

Current situation at the borders

Border security measures are changing with the current development of the spread of COVID-19. In order for your journey to take place without unpleasant complications, please check before your arrival in the territory of the Slovak Republic or before your departure, what conditions and obligations when crossing the border in both directions apply to you. All the latest information can be found at or at

Boarding through the front door is back

From May of 2020 you are required to board the bus through the front door again. For getting off, please use the back door only.

Do not occupy the space of the first 4 seats in the front

The space of first 4 seats in the bus is divided from the rest of the bus. Again, this is to make sure the drivers are safe and able to continue their operation.

You can buy tickets at the driver's again

From May of 2020 you are required to board the bus through the front door. That means you can also buy tickets at the driver's and use your Travel card in full scale again.

Do Not Board Without Respirator

All passengers are required to wear the protective respirator of FFP2 type during travel. For this reason, eating is not allowed while travelling, only drinks are allowed.

Failing to do so is considered a threat to the fellow passengers and can result in contacting the police.

Thank you for helping us protect your fellow passengers and the bus drivers.