International Slovak Lines connections

International line Bratislava - Vienna Airport - Vienna operates both ways due to the valid timetable with a limited amount of connections: 13 times per day to the Airport and 3 times per day to Vienna.

Increased security checks are currently underway at border crossings with Austria, which may result in slight delays. Therefore, we ask you to take into account the situation and plan your trip to Austria or back with a time reserve.

If you are traveling to the center of Vienna, from 15 January 2021 registration is no longer required, but must be demonstrated by either a vaccination certificate, a COVID-19 disease confirmation certificate or a negative test. You can find all the necessary information and the form itself on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic.

International line Bratislava - Budapest - Budapest Airport is suspended from September 1st, 2020, due to border entrance restrictions introduced by Hungarian government.

Regional Slovak Lines Regio Connections

Since 26th April the connections run again reliably due to the school schedule.

Connections marked as X, X11 and X81 operate.

Connections marked as  X10X80 do not operate.

MHD Malacky

Public Transport Malacky operates due to the usual schedule.

MHD Senec

Public bus transportation in Senec does not operate.

Safety Measures

We ask the passengers to observe the safety measures in all Slovak Lines buses due to the emergency situation.

Current situation at the borders

Border security measures are changing with the current development of the spread of COVID-19. In order for your journey to take place without unpleasant complications, please check before your arrival in the territory of the Slovak Republic or before your departure, what conditions and obligations when crossing the border in both directions apply to you. All the latest information can be found at or at

Boarding through the front door is back

From May of 2020 you are required to board the bus through the front door again. For getting off, please use the back door only.

Do not occupy the space of the first 4 seats in the front

The space of first 4 seats in the bus is divided from the rest of the bus. Again, this is to make sure the drivers are safe and able to continue their operation.

You can buy tickets at the driver's again

From May of 2020 you are required to board the bus through the front door. That means you can also buy tickets at the driver's and use your Travel card in full scale again.

Do Not Board Without Respirator

All passengers are required to wear the protective respirator of FFP2 type during travel. Failing to do so is considered a threat to the fellow passengers and can result in contacting the police.

Practical information before a holiday in Croatia 2021

To avoid unnecessary complications during your holiday, please read the complete conditions for entering Croatia, Hungary and returning to Slovakia.

Conditions of entry into Hungary

As of 23 June 2021, controls at Hungary's internal Schengen border will be lifted. Persons from the territory of Croatia, Austria, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia may enter the territory of Hungary without restriction, except in cases of entry by civil aircraft.

Conditions for passengers from Slovakia

Upon entering Croatia, it is necessary to prove a valid travel document or identity card (valid also at the time of stay and return to the Slovak Republic). Passengers arriving directly from the countries and / or regions of the European Union, or the countries and / or regions of the Schengen area and the countries associated with the Schengen area, and who are currently in the so-called The green list of the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), regardless of citizenship, will allow entry into the Republic of Croatia under the same conditions as before the onset of COVID-19 if they show no signs of disease and have not been in close contact with such patients.

Registration before entry

We recommend that you fill in the online form, which is designed to speed up the equipment of tourists / crossing the border, before traveling to Croatia. If you do not have a completed form, it is necessary to take into account the delay when entering Croatia. When entering more than one person, we recommend that you do not add them as fellow passengers if you want to scan documents separately for each person. In the case of children under 12 years of age, these can be listed as fellow passengers, giving the address of their stay in Croatia briefly. We recommend using the English version of the application, although there is also a Slovak version.

What measures apply in the country?

In Croatia, it is mandatory to wear protective masks / drapes in all enclosed spaces (including public transport) and open spaces - on streets and other public places, wherever it is not possible to maintain a safety distance of 1.5 meters. All establishments and facilities with refreshments are allowed to sell take away food, drinks and sweets. There are cafes on the outdoor terraces, restaurants and indoors in compliance with the regulations of the Public Health Office of Croatia (drape, disinfection, 2 meters distance).

Registration when returning to Slovakia

Upon arrival from abroad to Slovakia, registration is required on the website

Quarantine after returning to Slovakia

For persons not covered by the exemptions (listed below), a mandatory quarantine is imposed, which ends: without performing the test and in an asymptomatic course by completing its 14th day or receiving a negative RT-PCR test or a negative antigen test result, with the laboratory diagnosis of COVID-19 can be made on the first day of isolation.

The quarantine obligation for a person who has come from abroad does not apply if: upon arrival in our territory he can prove a negative RT-PCR test result not older than 72 hours or comes from neighboring countries listed in the green list and has a negative antigen test result not older than 24 hours, with the proviso that the test must be performed on the territory of a neighboring state or the Slovak Republic. or is less than 18 years old or has exceeded COVID-19 not more than 180 days ago.

The obligation of domestic quarantine for persons in the same household does not apply to: persons who are less than 18 years of age or who have passed COVID-19 not more than 180 days ago.

Quarantine does not apply to vaccinees who have come from abroad or are members of the same household (regardless of the type of vaccine): For a two-dose vaccine after the first dose and before the second dose: at the earliest 21 days after vaccination and at the latest 90 days after vaccination Vaccination In the case of a two-dose vaccine after the second dose: not earlier than 21 days after the first dose and no later than 12 months after the first dose. In the case of a single dose, not earlier than 21 days and not later than 12 months after vaccination. 19 and were vaccinated within 180 days after the disease, at the earliest after completion of 21 days and at the latest 12 months after vaccination.

Traveling with children

To Croatia - children under 12 years (if they do not come from the countries of the so-called ECDC Green List), but travel with parents who have a vaccination certificate (without waiting 14 days from the second dose), overcoming COVID-19 or negative PCR or antigen test , may not have a negative test or go into self-isolation.

When returning to the Slovak Republic - persons under the age of 18 do not need to undergo quarantine. Children travel to Hungary without restrictions.

Addresses of test sites in Croatia

To avoid unnecessary complications on return, we recommend that you test at one of these test sites at least 24 hours (Antigen test) or 72 hours (PCR test) before returning to Slovakia.


Nazorova 23, 52 000 Pula

RT - PCR test (750 KN)

Delivery of result within 24 hours Contact: +385 (0) 99 441821



Flanatička 27, 52 100 Pula

Antigen test
Daily from 8:00 - 20:00 Contact: +385 95 4321 879


Istarska bb, 52 210 Rovinj

Monday - Friday 13:00 - 18:00
Contact: +385 95 4321 874

Teaching Institute of Public Health PGC

Krešimirova 52a, Rijeka

PCR - RT test (490KN)

Monday - Saturday 8:00 - 12:00
Orders at:

Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka (KBC Rijeka)

Kresimirova 42, Rijeka

Antigen test (150 HRK)
PCR test (490 HRK)

Daily from 8:00 - 9:00, 12:30 - 13:30
Results within 24 hours


Medico Special Hospital

Agaticeva 8, 51000 Rijeka

Antigen test (150 HRK)
PCR test (550 - 650 HRK)

Monday - Friday 7:00 - 21:00
Saturday 7:30 - 14:00

Results in 15-20 minutes
Registration +385 51 263 109

Thank you for helping us protect your fellow passengers and the bus drivers.