Buy in the sales office

Buy tickets for long-distance and international lines in the sales offices of the Mlynské Nivy coach station in Bratislava.

The sales offices are located in the main hall on the right, marked with numbers 1, 2 and 3 and the heading Predaj lístkov (Ticket Sale).

These sales offices also sell travel tickets for coach lines of the main domestic and international carriers.

In the sales office 4, marked as Integrated Transport, you have also the possibility to buy travel tickets for foreign carriers' lines, intermediated by our company.

In the sales office 5, 6, marked as Dopravné karty (Travel Cards) and PCL na IDS BK (Pre-paid tickets for the Bratislava Integrated Transport System), you may also apply for travel cards enabling cheaper and more comfortable traveling especially on the Slovak Lines regional lines, which may be also used as so-called električenka. You can buy pre-paid travel tickets for integrated transport in this sales office, too.

For the opening hours of the sales offices click HERE. (A window with the overview of all opening hours will pop up.)

Travel tickets for the Slovak Lines' long-distance lines and Eurolines' international lines may be also bought at our business partners at the sales points throughout Slovakia, located near your residence. There you can also buy travel tickets for lines of the carriers whose tickets we sell via our sales system. If you need to confirm your journey back in the case of OPEN tickets purchased abroad, you can do so at the sales points, too.

Confirmation of your journey back in the case of OPEN tickets purchased in Slovakia may be made at the contact points of our partners based abroad. Contact us if you need some advice about travel options in a partner country or if you want to buy more travel tickets for the national transport in the given country.

Our trained employees will also provide you with information about routes and lines on your request. Please be patient in such a case as searching for qualified information may take a while.