I am a loyal customer

When buying travel tickets online, you can become our "loyal customer". We appreciate you and wish to offer you manifold bonuses. We are now granting you discounts on fares in the form of collected points. You just need to register into the system and draw you bonuses! Collected points may be checked in the section "My account" after being signed into the system.


Register with our bonus system on our website www.slovaklines.sk in the section "Registration", fill in all data correctly and choose your own password for the system. Your e-mail address is very important, so please don't forget to fill it correctly. If you change any of the set data (name, phone number or e-mail address), you may also edit the data in the system. When registering, you may also subscribe for news. We will send you the news on the specified e-mail address and notify you of various events, interesting facts and news.

What you get:

When you buy any travel ticket online, you get bonus points.

You get 1 point for every €0.70 of the fare.


* If you buy a single ticket for €19, you'll get 27 points

* If you buy a return ticket for €142, you'll get 202 points. So, you will get 229 points for the purchase of the two travel tickets.

1 collected point has the value of €0.035.

Checking points:

You may check how your points grow on your own by signing into "My account" in the section "User detail". The current amount of collected points will be displayed in your account.

Every travel ticket you purchase will be tracked in the "Reservation list" overview.

How to use collected points:

You may use the points when buying a travel ticket for any line online on our website www.slovaklines.sk. 1 collected point has the value of €0.035. The only condition is that the price of the travel ticket, for which you want to use your collected points, is at least €3.32. The time period, in which you can use the points, is unlimited.  

Example of using points:

If you buy a travel ticket for €9.95, you may use the collected points for a partial payment of the price. You have collected, for example, 254 points in the value of €8.89. Just click on "Use a discount in the form of collected points" and you will only pay the difference of €1.06.

So what do you think?

Is it worth it to buy tickets online? Don't miss the chance to become our loyal customer. We are preparing for you some more interesting surprises.

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