My safety

Travelling is an inevitable part of our lives, we travel faster and faster, roads are busy and overcrowded, drivers are nervous. There are many reasons why to concern about safety of travelling. For us, your safety is a top priority in everything we do for you. We therefore really care about:

Perfect technical condition of our buses and coaches

- Low age of our vehicle fleet is the best prevention. Therefore we make regular investments in purchase of new vehicles.
- As per applicable legislation, our buses and coaches are screened within regular technical checks.
- We use our own internal system of checking intervals for vehicle maintenance which is considerably more intensive than specified by the respective legislation.
- One of our top priorities includes a check of vehicle´s braking system, a check of vehicle´s driving mechanism and a check of vehicle´s lighting functionality.
- Drivers regularly check the vehicles´ technical condition prior to each journey, during each transportation, after each journey as well as when changing shifts with another driver.

Observance of driving times, prescribed rest periods and safety breaks for drivers

- We strictly adhere to and observe prescribed rest periods as specified by applicable legislation.
- A driver´s job is very demanding and observance of all rest-related regulations is inevitable for your maximam safety. Unfortunately, not all carriers respect these rules or they even elude them deliberately.

Observance of vehicle´s passenger capacity

-  Our company operates a variety of vehicles with different passenger capacities as per vehicle type.
- Our drivers must check passenger headcounts so that the vehicle´s passenger capacity is not exceeded with regard to safety.
- Thanks to a particular function of our ticket machines onboard our vehicles, any driver must know at all times how many passengers are currently aboard.
- All data related to a particular service are stored in the ticket machine and then, at the end of a day, wirelessly downloaded to our internal database network. Even this is a way how we might find out whether any driver has exceeded the vehicle´s passenger capacity.

You can also contribute to your own safety on the roads as soon as you use your safety seat belts in vehicles equipped accordingly. Any seats equipped with safety belt are visibly marked with pictographs. Most Slovak Lines vehicles are equipped with safety seat belts as per applicable Slovak legislation.

- On international services, safety belts are on all seats.
- On domestic services, safety belts are at least on the the front seats and other free-standing seats. We ask you kindly to respect driver´s safety instructions even if you may not feel quite comfortable with them. Your safety matters.