Tips for efficient traveling

If you frequently travel with regional lines to Bratislava from nearby areas, our travel card is the right solution for you!
With this card, you will get a special discount from regular fares, it will serve for students as an ID card for proving their age when claiming discounts according to age categories; it may be used as an electronic valet (money may be added in any amount at the drivers or at the Mlynské Nivy coach station in Bratislava and at the Malacky coach station) an it may be also used for the purchase of pre-paid travel tickets (PCL), so-called električenka, when traveling within the integrated transport system (IDS BK) in Bratislava and Záhorie (municipalities of the Malacky District).

The integrated travel system of the Bratislava Region (IDS BK) enables you to travel with more transportation types with one pre-paid travel ticket (PCL) - so called električenka. Within the integrated territory, you may then travel by:

•    Outskirt buses (carrier: Slovak Lines),
•    Trains of the Os and REX category (carrier: Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko),
•    Public transport (carrier: Dopravný podnik Bratislava).

As regards the long-distance and international transport, we have prepared for you irresistible discounts in the loyalty program. Register and collect points which you get when buying travel tickets online. You will get 1 point worth €0.035 for every €0.70 of the price for the travel ticket. Collected points may be used as a discount when paying for another travel ticket.
Ladies and gentlemen, what about traveling to Vienna, for example, almost for free?