Competitive weekly and monthly tickets

BRATISLAVA ✈️ VIENNA competitive weekly and monthly tickets

If you are traveling on the Bratislava - Vienna/Schwechat Airport- Vienna route regularly, you should ask for an advantageous weekly or monthly travel ticket, which will guarantee you the best fares and other benefits. 

The weekly and monthly ticket has a form of an e-card, it is issued on a specific name and it is non-transferable between passengers. You can buy it at the ticket office at the bus station Mlynské Nivy. You can recharge the ticket as well at the ticket office or from the bus driver. The full price list for weekly and monthly tickets can be found HERE.

With a weekly or monthly ticket you get:

euro iconcalendar iconback and forth iconparking icon
best faresticket in the form of a card for the entire validity periodunlimited number of journeys during validityparking Bratislava