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Slovakia is a country with a rich history by which much larger countries wouldn't be ashamed. We feel it very important to remind ourselves of the history in our everyday life. We also want the reputation of Slovakia to also spread abroad.

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We have contributed to such inventions being invented as the parachute (Š. Banič) or the first heat pump on the world (A. Stodola). Sport legends such as figure skater O. Nepela or ice hockey goalkeeper V. Dzurilla also left here a strong message. We certainly don't lag behind in the world of culture, either. In this area, we have the stable personalities such as composer E. Suchoň or painter M. Benka. Having highlighted Slovakia in the map of Europe, M. R. Štefánik certainly must be mentioned.    

Slovakia keeps building its history. For example, in the tennis world, star like D. Hrbatý doesn't need to be introduced.   Below is more interesting information about these public personalities. And even more; today's personalities can't be seen pictured on buses but you can literally meet them traveling on the Slovak Lines coaches that run to the centre of Vienna or to the Schwechat Airport every hour, 7 days in week.

Why Slovak Lines and personalities? 

We have been transporting you on the line to Vienna for more than 50 years. We are a carrier with a history reaching back to 1949 when former ČSAD was established. Today, our fleet consists of 250 coaches that annually transport more than 12 million passengers to their target place. We do our best to provide comfort that is a natural part of travelling in the 21st century.

It's very important to keep reminding of our history and it's also important to follow the trends of today's world. That's why the story of Slovak Lines reflects best the historic and contemporary personalities. Pictured on the coaches, important historic personalities symbolically accompany the passengers. By contrast, today's famous Slovaks can be met directly on our coaches as our loyal passengers. We are very proud that we can bring their interesting stories.

Meet the historic personalities "accompanying" you on the Bratislava – Schwechat airport – Vienna centre line:


Ondrej Nepela 
Legend of figure skating

Nobody has ever moved on ice with such easiness as he did and his acrobatic stunts were apparently disproving the laws of physics. The career of the figure skating legend Ondrej Nepela lasted unbelievable 15 years during which he won the most precious metals from all important events within this sport. . His collection includes golden medals from the world championships (1969 to 1973) and also the most precious metal from the Olympic Games (1972). Ondrej Nepela died in 1989 at the age of 38 in the German city of Mennheime. His name is so known within the sport world that he was even pronounced the most successful Slovak sportsman of the 20th century.


Vladimír Dzurilla
Legendary ice hockey goalkeeper

He was an idol to the whole generation of ice hockey players and one of the best goalkeepers in the world. His fast movements blocked many direct shots targeted at the goalpost. His qualities were also recognised by his opponents and his co-players also remember him for his nice and calm nature. He had stepped on ice in his national jersey for 139 times and won the title of the world champion for three times. He was pronounced the best Slovak ice hockey player of the 20th century. In 1998, he became a member of the IIHF Hall of Fame and, in 2002, a member of the Slovak Ice Hockey Hall of Fame.


Eugen Suchoň  
The author of the Krútňava and Svätopluk operas

Krútňava became the symbol of the Slovak opera. The story of a sin and forgiveness takes place in a Slovak village and this artwork is the most known and most played Slovak opera. As one of our first composers, the author of the opera Eugen Suchoň was also successful abroad. He established the foundations of contemporary Slovak music. His work was significantly inspired by the Slovak folk melody.


Milan Rastislav Štefánik 
Astronomer, photographer, military flyer, brigadier general and a diplomat

Milan Rastislav Štefánik was a diverse personality who literally got Slovakia on the map of Europe. He significantly contributed to the creation of the Czechoslovak Republic after World War I. After having studied astronomy in Prague, he left to Paris where he continued in his scientific work. He was in Paris when World War I started. Štefánik immediately entered a school of military aeronautics and started to serve on the western front. During the war years, he had been working on a plan of creating a common Czech and Slovak state. After the war the idea came true and, in 1918, the Czechoslovak Republic was formed and Milan Rastislav Štefánik became the War Minister. He died tragically in 1919 when his plane crashed near Ivanka pri Dunaji on his way back from Italy.


Martin Benka 
Famous Slovak painter

Nobody else could picture the Slovak nature or people on the fields, meadows and in the forests as Martin Benka did. His unique artworks literally admire our nature and he is considered the founder of contemporary Slovak expression in painting and drawing. He was eager to artistic creation which also inspired him in his works. His works belong to the most precious things Slovak artists created in the 20th century and there's a huge demand for his works. The price of his pictures in auctions can rise to values for which a house could be bought.


Aurel Stodola 
Slovak inventor

The desire for knowledge drove forward the Slovak inventor Aurel Stodola who is referred to as the father of steam and gas turbines. He studied at a technical school in Budapest, then machine engineering in Zurich and completed his studies at Sorbonne in Paris. He worked as a professor at the Institute of Technology in Zurich, in one of the most prestigious universities. He even knew Albert Einstein who treasured Stodola very much. He construed the first heat pump in the world. His thermal pump built in 1928 has been operating in Switzerland and heating the Geneva city hall until today. He also became famous during World War I, when he developed, together with surgeon Ferdinand Sauerbruch, a mechanically driven prosthetic arm.


Štefan Banič 
The parachute inventor

As many other Slovaks, Štefan Banič also left to the United States for work. At that time, aeronautics was in its beginning and media regularly informed about new success of "aviatics". After he became a witness to an air accident, he started to work on a first utilisable parachute. Banič personally tested his invention by jumping out of a building and later also from an airplane. He was granted a patent shortly before the beginning of World War I. He transferred the rights to the invention for a symbolic price to the army and, on the other hand, he was made an honorary member of the Army Air Corps of the United States.

Today's Personalities

We are happy that important personalities of today also use the Slovak Lines coaches to travel for work or relax. The personalities that proudly represent our country abroad.

Dominik Hrbatý
Tennis player

He belongs to the most known Slovak sportsmen and, during his career, he achieved a number of significant successes. He held a tennis racquet for the first time at the age of four. In 2004 he reached his historically highest twelfth place in the ATP rankings. A year later he progressed to the Davis Cup final. At the same time, he is a double winner of the Hopman Cup. As a tennis player he visited a number of countries and he has a positive relation to travelling even today.

According to his words, Dominik doesn't avoid public transport. "You only need to get rid of the idea that you must get everywhere by your car, at all costs. I wasn't any exception myself, I used to get to the airport by my own car. Now these coaches to Vienna, for example, run regularly every day, every hour and it's useless to travel by own car. Moreover, coaches today offer very high standard and comfort. You can browse the internet, read newspapers and, after a while, you're at the airport already."

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