We're helping

The company of Slovak Lines cooperates with organisations specialized in helping children, people in need, and mentally or physically handicapped persons. Please, join us...


is a civil association, a charitable and humanitarian organisation that associates unseeing and weak-eyed citizens, their supporters, friends, parents of unseeing and weak-eyed children. The Union has more than 7000 members in 70 base organisations all around Slovakia.

We work in the field of transport where eyesight is really very important. It may be also why we can understand what it means for someone to lose eyesight and so we are happy to cooperate with this particular association. For several years our company has been occasionally providing the Union with complimentary tickets for Slovak Lines services.


is an internationally recognized school which may be proved by its membership in the International Federation of Schools for Guide Dogs. The education of puppy dogs as well as the training programme take place at the full integration of a dog into an educator´s or trainer´s family which meets the conditions in which these dogs are later supposed to serve their unseeing owners.

People without the ability to see are our regular passengers. We are happy to see them travelling by buses and being accompanied by their dogs.  We are also happy to have our Bus Station of Mlynské Nivy as a starting point of the training route for guide dogs. The Training School for Dogs is often invited to give a presentation at our corporate events because we believe that our society needs more and more information about the world of unseeing people as well as about those who help them live a barrier-free life. In 2007 our company financially supported the realease of this school´s calendar for 2008.

HODINA DEŤOM (Children's Hour)

It is a national and all-year-long public charity fundraising of the Nadácia pre deti Slovenska foundation (Foundation for Slovak children), created by a big team of determined people - children and youth organizations, personalities, employees of the Nadácia pre deti Slovenska foundation and their partners, supporters, family and friends, volunteers and media who all together do their job with pleasure for children and young people in Slovakia. We are very happy to belong to this big family since 2007.

Two years of this public charity fundraising were started right at the Mlynské Nivy coach station. This year, Slovak Lines is promoting the public charity fundraising through a coach travelling on a regular line between Bratislava and Brezno and, at weekends, from Bratislava to the Tatry. We are also cooperating with the foundation on some events. We are very happy that a number of our employees also actively participate in the fundraising and support the Hodina deťom fund.


It is a non-governmental organization for the support of children living in children's homes. It is an organization that wishes to provide children placed in ordered institutional care and threatened children at risk with the chance to live a dignified and full life, to create for them a safe and permanent environment of human background and love, to help them prepare for a self-reliant life. Children deserve our help and for this reason Slovak Lines support the Úsmev ako dar organization with occasional provision of coaches to transport the children during various events.


provides its members with information about this disease. The association gives people afflicted with epilepsy a chance to know each other better and organizes meetings, trips as well as recreations for them. Our company traditionally provides a complimentary bus transportation for a summer recreation held in a village called Častá - Papiernička.