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Travel with our partners CK DAKA, LeviTour and DOB BUS all over Slovakia conveniently and save on tickets buying them online. Try it now:

Save on every trip

If you are a regular traveler in Slovakia, you can save tens of euro every month. And that's only for the fact that you buy the ticket conveniently online, not at the last minute with the driver without your seat guaranteed. Check out these examples:

For work from Nitra to Bratislava?

For example, if you are from Nitra and commute to work in Bratislava every day, you can save up to 25% by shopping online conveniently. Let's do the math:

A ticket directly from the driver costs 6 €, but when buying online you pay only 4.50 €. If you travel to work and home every working day (i.e. 20 days per month), you save 3 € per day, which is 60 € per month.

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For weekends to Rimavská Sobota?

For example, if you go home from Bratislava to Rimavská Sobota for the weekend, you can save up to 19% by shopping online conveniently. Let's do the math:

A ticket from the driver will cost you 21 €, but when you buy it online you will only pay 17.10 €. If you travel every weekend (i.e. 4 x 2 trips per month), you can save more than 31 € per month.

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Save even more with the Travel Pass

Use the Travel Pass for your regular trips - a digital voucher with which you can buy travel tickets at a discounted price. It is non-transferable and valid for a certain number of rides or time period.

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Being the cheapest is not everything

By buying tickets ONLINE, you can be sure that you bought them at the cheapest price. However, the benefits of purchasing via the web or app do not end here.

You are guaranteed a seat

Avoid the stress of buying a ticket at the last minute from the driver and buy your tickets online ahead of time. You are always sure of your seat and you can even choose your favorite seat. Discover the latest products and services that we have prepared for you.

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Ticket cancellation? It's so easy

Have you changed your mind even at the last minute? When buying a ticket online, you can cancel it with one click without any complications. 

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The ticket is always at hand

You no longer have to print your ticket or worry about losing it. When buying online, we will send the ticket to your email, or you can find it in our app whenever you need it. Before getting into the vehicle, all you have to do is present yourself with the QR code on the display of your mobile device.

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The cheapest and fastest

Buying via the website or app is always the cheapest and you can get on the bus without delay by waiting for the driver.

Discover the most popular destinations

Our lines lead through cities that you would only be able to reach by bus through difficult transfers. Nitra, Zlaté Moravce, Zvolen, Mýtna, Detva, Lovinobaňa or Lučenec. Now you can reach them in the comfort and safety that you are already used to with us.

Timetables and conditions

You no longer have to rely only on the train. Take a walk with our lines all over Slovakia. See how many options you have.
ID Line Date Trip
LeviTour 102515 Od 21.10.22 Bratislava - Trnava - Nitra - Zlaté Moravce - Zvolen - Lučenec - Fiľakovo - Rimavská Sobota
CK DAKA 102516 Od 20.03.23 Bratislava - Nitra - Banská Bystrica - Poprad - Prešov - Bardejov
CK DAKA 102519 Od 20.03.23 Bratislava - Trnava - Nitra - Zvolen - Lučenec - Rimavská Sobota - Rožňava - Košice
DOBBUS 102522 Od 01.03.23 Bratislava - Sereď - Nitra - Zlaté Moravce - Nová Baňa - Žarnovica - Žiar nad Hronom - Handlová - Prievidza
LeviTour 407501 Od 20.11.23 Bratislava - Nitra - Sereď - Zlaté Moravce
LeviTour 707803 Od 30.10.23 Prešov - Košice - Rožňava - Lučenec - Zvolen - Nitra - Bratislava - Vienna
CK DAKA All Od 01.06.21 Conditions of Carriage
LeviTour All Od 07.06.20 Conditions of Carriage

Slovak Lines Mobile App

Buy bus tickets comfortably and always at the lowest price via the Slovak Lines mobile application. You do not need to print the ticket in the application, just show it on the display of the mobile device.

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