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News and traffic

5. 5. 2021
Limbach cemetery stop temporarily cancelled
Due to the impassable route, the Limbach the cemetery stop is cancelled until further notice. The connections of line 521 (102426) end at the Limbach roundabout stop.
26. 4. 2021
Increased registration controls at borders
Please keep in mind that you are required to register before arriving in Slovakia from abroad. In this context, increased border controls are taking place, which may result in significant delays. You can find the registration form at
21. 4. 2021
Change of the regime of suburban connections
From April 26, 2021 (Monday), the operating regime of suburban connections will change, which will operate on working days as at school time.
30. 3. 2021
New conditions for Austrian commuters
From 1 April 2021 when entering Austria, commuters will be required to present a negative COVID-19 test result not older than 72 hours. Border controls will be strengthened, so please allow for any delays.
18. 2. 2021
Cancelation of the Bratislava - Humenné line
From 18 February 2021, due to the deteriorating pandemic situation and minimal occupancy, we are suspending the sale of the partner line CK DAKA from Bratislava to Humenné and back. We will inform you in time about its possible restart. Thank you for understanding.
7. 1. 2021
Toilets on international lines out of order
Due to the low temperatures, we were forced to put the internal toilets on our international lines temporarily out of order. We apologize for the reduced comfort. If necessary, please contact the driver.
7. 1. 2021
Suspension of the line to Hainburg
The Bratislava AS - Hainburg an der Donau and vice versa line will be TEMPORARILY suspended from 7 January 2021 due to the rapid deterioration of the pandemic situation and the new restrictions associated with its extremely low occupancy. We will relaunch it as soon as circumstances allow. Thank you for understanding.

Extension of the holiday regime
The connections continue to run reliably due to the holiday schedule until colleges, high schools and secondary schools can be opened safely. Connections marked with notes X, X11, X22, X25, X32 and X35 operate. Connections marked X10 do not operate.

Vienna: Traffic jams due to construction
In Vienna, traffic jams are being formed regularly these days, due to the construction of a busy section. We therefore ask passengers for increased patience and thank you for your understanding.

From 21.10.2020
Vienna: Limited operation
In connection with the Covid-19 infection and the continuing restrictions on traffic, we were temporarily forced to reduce again the number of daily connections on the route Bratislava - Schwechat Airport - Vienna. From Wednesday, October 21, 9 buses run daily from Bratislava to Schwechat Airport and 8 buses to Vienna.