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Tickets to paradise? Join our competition!

Look for competitive coupons and win two Business Class tickets to Bali. We will draw the winner on the 2nd of May 2024.

What are we playing for?

Several special competition coupons with a code are hidden in the buses. If you’re lucky enough to find one, you have the chance to win two return tickets to Bali in Business Class with our partner Turkish Airlines, worth over €3,000. Of course, there is free access to the Lounge at the airports in Vienna or Istanbul and free transportation by our Slovak Lines bus to and from the airport.

It's easy to join

From 25 March to 30 April 2024, each of our Slovak Lines buses on the route Bratislava – Schwechat – Vienna contains several red competition coupons, which are your ticket to the competition. You will find them hidden on the inside of the chairs in front of your seat. You can find out if you just won the competition coupon by tilting the table once or twice.

To successfully register for the competition, you must enter the competition code in the form below. Do not forget it on the bus, because in case of winning it is necessary to show it. All other conditions and information can be found in the competition conditions.

There is a table in front of your seat that can hide a competition coupon.
Just fold it down with and you will find out if you were the lucky one.

20% discount on your next trip

Did you find a competition coupon with a code? We have one more surprise for you. Each code is also a 20% discount on next one trip with the carrier Slovak Lines Express on the line Bratislava – Schwechat – Vienna. The code can be used as a promo code in an online purchase until June 30, 2024.

Registration form

Enter your e-mail address and the code from the competition coupon and you are in the game. We will contact you if you win.

If you don’t want to miss out on similar competitions and other attractive offers in the future, sign up for the Slovak Lines newsletter. You will be the first to know about everything important.


About our partner Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines started flying on May 20, 1933 with five planes and less than 30 employees. During its 90-year history, the company has developed into a carrier with the widest network of destinations in the world, connecting continents, countries and cultures. Synonymous with innovation and excellent customer experience, this airline is committed to offering unforgettable experiences and maximum comfort to passengers. Their success is not only in the number of destinations, but also in the ability to overcome challenges and connect people around the world, making them a true global player in the aviation industry.

How is traveling in Business Class? Turkish Airlines offers a luxurious flight experience with a focus on maximum comfort, excellent meals and exclusive access. For example, passengers are entitled to extra baggage free of charge or can avoid queues when boarding the plane thanks to priority check-in. The seats are designed for maximum comfort and privacy, the food on the plane includes Turkish and world cuisine, with the option of pre-selecting meals.

Additional information

  • They are hidden on Slovak Lines Express lines 102 806 and 102 807 (Bratislava – Schwechat – Vienna).

  • To enter the competition, you need to enter a unique code from the competition coupon. If you didn’t find a coupon during your trip, try going on a trip to the center of Vienna with us or make a long weekend in one of the European capitals and ride with us to Schwechat Airport and back.

  • No, it is not necessary.

  • Yes, it is possible to register for the competition, even if you did not travel with us and, for example, received a coupon. In addition, with the unique code on the coupon, you have a 20% discount on the ticket from us. The discount can be applied in the online purchase of Slovak Lines Express connections on the route Bratislava – Schwechat – Vienna.

  • The discount can be applied exclusively through the Slovak Lines online store or through the Slovak Lines mobile application by inserting it in the “Enter promo code” field (Not in the Voucher field). One code can only be used once per one-way ticket. During its application, it is not possible to have a return trip in the basket. You can use it until June 30, 2024.

  • You can participate only once with one e-mail address and one competition code. An email address cannot be registered with multiple codes.

  • Be sure not to throw away your competition coupon and keep it. Not only because in case of winning it is necessary to prove it, but with the code on the coupon you have a 20% discount from us on your next trip.

  • First, check that the contest code you entered is correct. Be especially careful with characters such as I (Iota), l (Lower case L) or 1 (Number one). To avoid complications when entering the code, all its characters are always listed as capital letters. If the code is correct, try to make sure that the code was not already registered by you or someone close to you. If you still have a problem with the code, please contact our Contact Center.

  • No, no further action is required on your part. Everything went well and you are in the game. We are keeping our fingers crossed for you, and in the event of a win, we will contact you at the e-mail address you provided within 48 hours of the draw. We will draw the winner on the 2nd of May 2024.

  • The winner will be drawn according to the Terms and Conditions of the competition on 4/2/2024. The winner will be notified by e-mail within 48 hours of the drawing.