Most often to the airport

Travel to Vienna Airport or directly to the center of Vienna and back as often as you need.

24 times a day to the airport

You can now plan your vacation or return from it even more conveniently.

Whenever you need it

So that you don't have to waste precious time, we take you to and from Vienna Airport up to 24 times a day. So you can be at the airport in the right time before your flight, and you can be home as soon as possible after your arrival.

Even to the center of Vienna

Are you traveling to Vienna for school or work? Or do you want to take a day trip? Right in front of the Hauptbahnhof in the very center of Vienna, we take you up to 15 times a day.

More convenient from the Main Railway Station

Are you flying from Vienna airport and arriving in Bratislava by train to the Main Railway Station? You can board our bus directly in front of the station 7 times a day from platform G.

We will also take you from the airport to the Main Railway Station so that you can continue by train to all corners of Slovakia.

Learn more about Main Railway Station stop

From the airport at 1:00 AM

If you have a flight arriving to Schwechat around midnight and want to be sure of getting home, we have added a special connection for you leaving the airport at 1:00 AM.

The most convenient way is ONLINE

By buying tickets ONLINE, you can be sure that you bought the cheapest. However, the benefits of purchasing via the website or app do not end here.

The cheapest and fastest

Buying via the website or app is always the cheapest, and you can get on the bus without unnecessarily waiting for the driver.

You can use the saved time for a free coffee or water at the international Lounge at Nivy station.

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Everything is in the app

You no longer have to print your ticket or worry about losing it. When buying online, we will send the ticket to your email, or you can find it in our app whenever you need it. Before getting into the bus, all you have to do is present the QR code on the display of your mobile device.

Download the mobile app:

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You are guaranteed a place

Avoid the stress of buying a ticket at the last minute from the driver and buy your tickets online ahead of time. You are always sure of your seat and you can even choose your favorite seat. Discover the latest products and services that we have prepared for you.

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Ticket cancellation? It's simple

Have you changed your mind even at the last minute? When buying a ticket online, you can cancel it with one click without any complications.

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Travel Pass will save you even more

If you travel regularly on the line Bratislava - Vienna or Vienna airport, use our popular Travel Pass. It is a digital voucher with which you can buy travel tickets at a discounted price.

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ID Line Date Trip
Slovak Lines 102806 Od 01.11.23 Bratislava - Schwechat - Vienna
Slovak Lines 102807 Od 30.09.23 Bratislava Main Train Station- Schwechat
Slovak Lines 102807 Od 20.11.23 Bratislava Main Train Station- Schwechat

Practical information

See the timetable, price list of bus tickets and the transport schedule of the Bratislava - Vienna bus line.

Bratislava - Schwechat - Vienna
The bus to Vienna leaves from Nivy Bus Station and platform no. 1. Arrive at Schwechat airport directly in front of the departure hall to platform no. 4. The final stop in Vienna is Wien Hauptbahnhof, Hbf Wiedner Gürtel and exit C1. 

Vienna - Schwechat - Bratislava
The bus to Bratislava leaves from Wien Hauptbahnhof, Hbf Wiedner Gürtel and platform C1. The bus continues to Schwechat airport in front of the departure hall to platform no. 4 and ends at the Nivy Bus Station.

Slovak Lines Mobile App

Buy bus tickets comfortably and always at the lowest price via the Slovak Lines mobile app. You do not need to print the ticket, just show it on the display of your mobile device.

Download the app and start saving time and money: