NEWS "Zastávka": Travel talks by Slovak Lines

We have started the first event in the series of travel talks for all travel lovers called "Zastávka" - Bus stop! From now on, we will see each other once a month. Don't forget to follow us on social media to learn about upcoming topics in time.

We are looking forward to see you!


When? Where? About? With?  
1. 6. 2023 Lounge Patagonia Travelistan: Peťo Hliničan  
6. 7. 2023  Lounge North Korea Travelistan: Peťo Hliničan  
3. 8. 2023 Lounge South Pole Travelistan: Martin Navrátil  
September Lounge Coming Soon Travelistan Coming Soon

Don't forget to buy your tickets in time. Capacity is limited.

Discover the benefits of the Lounge

Our international waiting room allows you to wait for your bus in comfort and with the services you will quickly get used to.

Where to find us

You will find our International Waiting Room Lounge at -1. floor of the Nivy shopping center directly in the bus station. You can visit it through two entrances - directly from the platforms area or from the lobby station towards the public toilets.

Opening hours

Our Lounge is fully open daily from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM.

Comfort and service

You can wait for your international bus in comfortable seats with a direct view of our lively green wall and with the service of our experienced staff. At all times you can see the schedule of departures and you can connect to fast free Wi-Fi.

Free refreshments

If you travel with Slovak Lines to Schwechat Airport or Vienna, we will offer you during opening hours free refreshments in the form of coffee or bottled water. All you have to do is provide a valid ticket to the Lounge staff.

Last minute shopping

In our international waiting room Lounge you can buy practical travel equipment such as various headphones, cases, chargers and the like, as well as souvenirs, games or gifts.

Comfortable waiting
Comfortable waiting
Lounge directly at the Nivy bus station
Lounge directly at the Nivy bus station