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Rental of advertising space

Do you want to be visible at bargain prices? Our advertising spaces literally extend from one end of Slovakia to the other. However, we are not limited to advertising on wheels. Contact us and we will prepare specific solutions for you.

The benefits of advertising on the go

Reach thousands of your potential customers every day. Our advertising spaces are made for that.

  • 40,000 passengers per month

    We can reach thousands of people with your ad, wherever they are. Contact them when visiting the station, when buying a ticket or directly during the trip. And then there are all those our bus will just pass.

  • Variety of formats

    Do you want to catch up fast? Use the sticker on the buses. Do you want to be interested in a longer time? You have space in our on-board infotainment system, with which you literally reach your customers. Or use traditional posters or flyers on the bus and at the station.

  • Wide target group

    Our advertising spaces will appeal to everyone on international and regional routes. For example, a manager who flies regularly from Schwechat, a foreign tourist, a domestic commuter, or someone who comes to work every day.

  • 20,000 station visitors a day

    Approximately 1,300 connections depart from our station in all possible directions. People who aren’t with us will also see your ad.

Show up with our buses

We offer advertising space on buses throughout our fleet.

We will send you a complete list of areas and their price list on request. If you decide to buy a larger number of areas or rent them for a longer period, we will offer you discounted price packages. Of course, when renting space, we can also provide production and installation.

Printed formats

Advertising space on tickets of international lines, which customers receive at the box office at the Bus Station in printed form or in digital format in PDF directly to the email. (approx. 40 000 tickets sold per month)

Printed leaflets (A6, A5, DL) when buying a ticket at the box office or when boarding the bus.

Digital formats

Entertainment system formats displayed on the mobile devices of all passengers who sign up for the free Wi-Fi network on board the Slovak Lines Express bus (760 registered passengers per day).

We offer an introductory (10 – 15s) advertising spot and banner, which is located on the introductory page of the entertainment system.

Slovak Lines newsletter, which subscribes to more than 30,000 subscribers.

Our social networks FacebookInstagramLinkedIn.

Are you interested in cooperation?

Contact us and we will prepare an offer tailored to your requirements and possibilities. We will offer you discounted price packages when ordering a larger amount of space or when renting for a longer period.

Describe to us in more detail what form of cooperation you would be interested in.
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Special offer for companies

Bus transport is a business that knows no borders. Discover the rich possibilities with which we can enrich and move your business further by leaps and bounds.