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Parking at Nivy

Travel with us to Vienna more comfortable than ever. Park your car in Nivy mall in Bratislava and catch your bus.

One more reason to travel with us

From now on, you do not have to think about where to leave your car during your vacation or trip anymore.

  • Park in a simply and safely

    Cark park is located right below the Bus station Nivy on -2nd floor. You can easily get there from both directions of Mlynské Nivy Street using the underground roundabout.

    Your car will be waiting for you safely under the roof.

  • Get straight on the bus

    Parking places in the yellow zone are the ones closest to the Bus station on -1st floor. You can easily get there from underground car park by stairs or elevator.

    This way you will avoid carrying your luggage on public transport, complicated transfers and you don’t need to worry about weather.

  • We have 2 more hours for you

    Did you forget to buy a little something before your trip or are you travelling to Nivy from further distance? No problem!

    Parking purchased with the ticket is valid for 24 hours from the scheduled departure of your bus (+ two hours before).


    Important info: You must always park before the departure time of your bus. After this time, the reservation will be canceled and the parking will not be available.

  • Unbeatable price per day

    You can buy discounted parking for 5.90 € with you travel ticket. It’s a great deal for a day or even a whole vacation.

    For seasonal lines, such as skiing or concerts, the price may vary.

  • Let's think ecologically

    Thanks to the discounted parking directly at the Bus station Nivy in Bratislava, we support shift from cars to public transport.

    Travel responsibly and help protect our planet.

Buy parking

  • 2. Choose the number of parking days

    In the step of the purchase with the name “Add-ons” select an Add-on “Parking – 24h” and choose the number of parking days you need (1-21 days). Parking with the ticket is valid for 24 hours from the scheduled departure of your bus (+ two hours before).

    EXAMPLE: If your bus leaves the Bus Station on Friday at 3:00 a.m. and you return on Sunday at 6:00 p.m., you need 3x “Parking – 24h”. You will be able to park from Friday 1:00 a.m. to Monday 3:00 a.m.

  • 3. Complete your purchase and save your ticket

    Once purchased, you will receive a ticket with a QR code of your Add-on in your email. You will need this QR code to enter the car park.

    OUR TIP: The easiest way to have your ticket at hand is to have it in our mobile app or by saving it in the “Wallet” on your mobile phone.

Practical information

  • Didn’t manage to leave the car park in time?

    You will be charged for the additional time according to the Nivy mall price list (without free hours). You can pay the fee at the payment machines or by card at the exit ramp.

  • Cancellation policy

    Parking cannot be additionally extended or shortened.

    Cancellation of parking is possible only with the ticket according to the valid cancellation policy, i.e. up to 15 minutes before the scheduled departure of the connection.

  • Additional info

    In case of misuse of the product Parking, the passenger is obliged to pay the carrier a fine in the amount of 10 times the ordered Parking.

    The misuse is understood as not using the Slovak Lines bus services and as well as the ticket to which the Parking product is linked.

    For more info see Conditions of Carriage (PDF)

How to park?

Prepare the QR code on your ticket before you head out. You can find it in your PDF ticket, in the app or once saved in your mobile Wallet.

  • 1. Use the right entrance

    The underground car park can be entered from both directions of Mlynské Nivy Street using the underground roundabout.

  • 2. Scan your QR code

    The reader can be found at the bottom of the entrance ramp below the screen. Scan the QR code from your Add-on and take your parking ticket. DO NOT press the button to issue a ticket.

  • 3. Check if you parked correctly

    Check if you parked correctly If you used a valid QR code and parked in the correct parking lot (on the -2nd underground floor), your ticket will have the word “Reservations” above the license plate number. If it is not, there is an error somewhere. Park and repeat the process. Otherwise, you will be charged the parking time according to the OC NIVY price list and you will have to pay for the parking in full. (The amount for the whole day can go up to €50)

  • 4. Find your preferred space

    Park where it suits you the best. The spaces in the yellow zone are closest to the Bus Station. Nearby you will find both the elevator and the stairs.

  • 5. When leaving

    Simply wait for your number plate to be read when exiting the car park. The ramp will open automatically. If not, insert your parking ticket.


  • The parking lot has limited capacity. If the parking option is inactive, or you are unable to select a larger number of parking days during the purchase process, the capacity is already full. Therefore, we recommend that you buy tickets well in advance.

  • If you have purchased “Parking – 24h”, you can enter the underground car park 2 hours before the scheduled departure time, but not after the departure time of your bus. If you don’t manage to arrive within this time window, the parking will be automatically cancelled without an entitlement to refund and you will not be able to enter with your ticket.

  • No. You can enter the car park with your QR code only once. Your reservation is no longer valid once you exit the car park.

  • No. Parking can only be purchased with a ticket.

Nivy Bus Station

Adrdess Mlynské Nivy 3
821 09 Bratislava
Opening hours 24/7

Additional info

LPG and CNG vehicles are prohibited from entering the underground car park.

The car park includes a charging station for electric vehicles.

There are special reserved parking spaces for the disabled and severely handicapped. They are barrier-free and marked with a special blue diode.