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Colours of Ostrava

17. – 21. July 2024, Ostrava – Dolní Vítkovice, Czech Republic

Price doesn't include event tickets

You can take the bus directly to the festival area

Come with us to the famous multi-genre Czech music festival, Colours of Ostrava. The festival has been taking place since 2012 in the wonderful surroundings of the former industrial area of Dolní Vítkovice. Here, music fans, industrial enthusiasts, and architecture lovers can all find something to enjoy.

Our buses will take you to the festival, dropping you off a short distance from the entrance gate and the campsite. After the festival, our buses will take you straight home from the same place. Travel to the festival without worrying about parking. We depart daily from Bratislava and Trnava.

National monument – Industrial complex Dolní Vítkovice
Unforgetable atmosphere

To the festival

We depart from Nivy Bus Station in Bratislava from platform number 11. We also have one stop in Trnava. We drop you off in front of the festival grounds in Ostrava every day at 1:30 p.m.
Wednesday – Saturday 17. – 20. 7. One-way ticket
Bratislava 9:00 €39 Buy ticket >
Trnava 9:50 €35 Buy ticket >
Colours of Ostrava 13:30

And back home

We will take you home from the festival every day at 15:00, so you can sleep well and see the city until then. However, the festival site closes on the last day (Sunday), so we’ll pick you up at 10:00.
Thursday – Saturday 18. – 20. 7. Sunday 21. 7. One-way ticket
Colours of Ostrava 15:00 10:00
Trnava 18:40 13:40 €35 Buy ticket >
Bratislava 19:30 14:30 €39 Buy ticket >

Additional information

  • The travel ticket

    can be purchased on the website, mobile app, or at the ticket office located at the Nivy Bus Station in Bratislava.

    Purchasing from the driver when boarding the transport is not allowed.

    Only passengers with a valid ticket for the specific day, time, and route can use the transport to/from the festival.

  • Conditions of the trip

    In case of cancellation of the transport by the Carrier due to failure to fulfill the minimum capacity, the fare will be returned in full to the passenger without charging a cancellation fee in the way the ticket was purchased (cash at the cash desk/transfer to card).

    If necessary, you can only cancel your ticket through our Customer Center by phone at +421 2 55 422 734 or by email at

    Learn more about all the details (PDF)

  • Parking at Nivy

    Purchase: Online (together with the ticket)
    Price: €7 per day

    If you plan to transfer to the bus from your car, buy our additional product Parking – 24h together with the ticket. During the festival, you park comfortably right on Niva and your car is waiting for you in the garage.

    Please remember that parking cannot be purchased additionally.

    Learn more

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