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This document sets forth basic principles of handling personal data of the Users of the web services of Slovak Lines, a.s.  and the companies belonging to the Slovak Lines Group (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Slovak Lines”). When processing personal data Slovak Lines proceeds in accordance with the relevant legal regulation valid in the Slovak Republic, particularly with the Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on Protection of Personal Data and on modification and amendment of some regulations, the Act No. 351/2011 Coll. on Electronic communications, the Act No. 22/2004 Coll. on E-commerce and on modification and amendment of the Act No. 128/2002 Coll. on State Inspection of the Internal Market in relation to consumer protection and on modification and amendment of some acts as amended by the Act No. 284/2002 Coll., all as amended.

Slovak Lines does not process personal data of the Users of the services provided for other than a statutory purpose or, as the case may be, for the purpose the User granted his consent to. The Data are at the same time processed only to the extent necessary to fulfil the above-mentioned purposes and only for the period necessary to reach the said purposes, however, not exceeding the maximum period determined by the relevant legal regulations or in accordance with them. If we require your data that will identify you (personal data) or that enable us to contact you for the purpose of providing a product or a service that you requested, we will request such data from you explicitly. Data that we collect in relation to the Users of our services may usually include your name and surname, your address, your email and telephone contact. Due to some (particularly paid) services we also need to know some other information about the Users, therefore please read the terms of the given service carefully. In relation to the use of our services we may collect certain additional information about you, for example name of internet service provider and IP address you use to log in and access our services, date and time of access to these services and so on. These data are acquired either by coincidence, without any prior determination of purpose and processing means, without the intention of their further processing in the system organized according to special criteria and are not further systematically processed, or as necessary for proper provision of the service to Users.

Slovak Lines may make personal data accessible to third persons only in cases imposed or allowed by law or with the consent of the User. You provide your personal data to Slovak Lines on a voluntary basis (in case of some services, however, the provision o personal data is required in order to gain access to the service). If, in some cases, there is an obligation to provide your personal data for processing under a special Act, you will be specially informed about such fact.

Slovak Lines uses following types of cookies on their web sites (cookies are short text files that browser saves in a computer or a device):

Temporary cookies serve, e.g. the identification of the User after logging into the service for the period of login. Without these cookies some of our services might not function at all or their functionality may be restricted. Temporary cookies will be erased from your computer automatically after you switch it off.

Permanent cookies will remain saved in the browser also after switching off the computer. Such cookies include User settings and thus they serve the increase of their comfort in the use of our services or, as the case may be, statistical or marketing purposes.

Consent with the use of cookies is being granted by the User by clicking the relevant button in the bottom bar that is displayed on our websites. By changing the settings of the web browser, the User can simply prohibit the use of cookies (including third party cookies) at any time even after granting their consent. In case of prohibition of cookies in the browser, however, some parts of the websites may not function properly. We use cookies to adjust the content and advertising to our Users. At the same time, they serve analyses and statistical evaluation of the use of our services, contents and advertising. The information collected through cookies is also provided to our partners from the field of social media, advertising and analyses.

One of such partners is also the company of Google. You can learn how Google handles the data we provide them HERE. Our company uses the service of Google company called Google Analytics within which we have not implemented advertising functions yet.

The User may easily deactivate advertising functions of Google Analytics services. Currently available options for cancellation of Google Analytics service for web may be found also HERE.

Within Google AdWords service we use following functions: retargeting, interest-based audiences, own interest-based audiences, audiences by purchasing intentions, similar audience segments, demographic and geographic targeting.

Retargeting or Similar Audience function is used within online advertising mainly for advertising of our own content and services.

Third party contractors (including Google) displays our advertisements on the Internet pages.

Third party contractors (including Google) use cookies for displaying advertisements on the basis of previous visits of the User on our web sites.

The User may cancel the use of Google cookies when he visits Google website, Ad Preferences. The User may deactivate third party cookies also by visiting the site of Network Advertising Initiative for deactivation of cookies.

The User may deactivate the use of DoubleClick cookies by visiting website for deactivation of DoubleClick cookies or the website of Network Advertising Initiative for deactivation of cookies.

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on Protection of Personal Data and on modification and amendment of some regulations we hereby inform all the Users of Slovak Lines web services that provide Slovak Lines with their personal data about the following facts and their statutory rights:

Controller of the information system: Slovak Lines is a Controller of the information system according to the provision of Article 4 (2) letter b) of the Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on Protection of Personal Data and on modification and amendment of some regulations (hereinafter referred to also as “Act”).

Legal ground for processing of personal data of the Users is a contractual relationship in terms of provision of Art. 10 (3) letter b) of the Act. The purpose of personal data processing is a provision of a web service, to which User requests an access.

By sending the registration form the User acknowledges that their personal data will be processed by Slovak Lines. Personal data of the User will be processed to the extent stated in the registration form and to the extent resulting from technical conditions necessary for the use of particular services. The list of personal data required from the User in order for the service to be provided is given in the terms of the provision of a specific web service. In case of some services some personal data may be published on a relevant site, more detailed information about publishing can be found in the terms of provision of a specific web service.

Personal data of the User will be processed during the whole period of their registration on the website. If their registration is cancelled, Slovak Lines as a Controller of the information system will ensure their deletion pursuant to the Act. Registered User may request the registration cancellation by sending a written request to the email address: .

The rights of the registered User as a data subject. According to the Act the rights of the registered User as a data subject are including without limitation as follows:a) The User has the right to request from the Controller in writing the following:

confirmation on whether their personal data are or are not being processed,

in generally comprehensible form the information about processing of personal data in the information system to the extent according to the Art. 15 (1) letter a) to e), second to sixth item of the Act, when a decision under letter e) is issued the data subject is entitled to request the information on processing and evaluation of transactions,

in generally comprehensible form the accurate information about the source from which the Controller obtained their personal data for processing purposes,

in generally comprehensible form the list of their personal data subject to processing,

correction or deletion of their incorrect, incomplete or outdated personal data subject to processing,

erasure of their personal data if their processing purpose has ended, in case the subject of processing are official documents containing personal details, they can request their return,

erasure of their personal data subject to processing in case of violation of law,

blocking of their personal data on the grounds of consent withdrawal before the expiration of its validity period in case the Controller processes personal data on the basis of consent of the User.

b) the User´s right under letter a., item V and VI. may be restricted only if such restriction results from the special Act or its application would lead to violation of data subject protection or violation of rights and freedoms of other persons.

c) The User is basing on the written request entitled to raise their objection at the Controller against:

processing of their personal data if it is assumed that they are or will be processed for the purposes of a direct marketing without their consent and request their erasure,

use of personal data mentioned in Art. 10 (3) letter d) of the Act for the purposes of direct marketing in postal communication, or

provision of personal data mentioned in Art. 10 (3) letter d) of the Act for the purposes of direct marketing.

d) Basing on a written request or personally, if the matter allows for no delay, the User has the right to object against personal data processing at the Controller in cases pursuant to Art 10 (3) letter a), e), f) or g) of the Act by stating justifiable reasons or submitting evidence about unauthorized intervention into their rights and legally protected interests which are or might be in the specific case damaged by such personal data processing, unless not prevented by legal reasons and it has been demonstrated that the objection of the User is legitimate, the Controller is obliged to block or erase personal data against processing of which the User objected without any undue delay, as soon as the circumstances allow.

e) Further, the User, basing on their written request or personally, if the matter allows for no delay, has right to object at the Controller against and not submit to the decision of the Controller that would lead to the legal consequences or would have any significant impact on their person, if such decision is issued solely on the basis of the automated processing of their personal data. The User has the right to ask the Controller to review the decision issued by the method different from the automated form of processing where the Controller is obliged to comply with the request of the User in such a way that the entitled person will have a decisive role in the review of the decision; the Controller shall inform the User about the review method and the findings in the period not less than 30 days from the day of the delivery of the request. The User does not have such right only in case if it is set forth by a special Act determining the measures to ensure justified interests of the User or if within precontractual relations or during the existence of contractual relations the Controller issued a decision satisfying the request of a User or if the Controller accepted other appropriate measures ensuring justified interests of the User on the basis of the contract.

f) If the User exercises his right

in writing and the contents of the request indicate that they exercise their right, the request is under the Act deemed submitted; request filed electronically by email or by fax shall be delivered by the User not later than 3 days from its sending,

personally, in oral form into the minutes that must clearly indicate who exercises their right, what do they claim and when and by whom were the minutes executed and their signature and the signature of the User; the Controller is obliged to hand the copy of the minutes over to the User,

(if applicable) at the intermediary according to letter a) or b), they are obliged to hand such request or minutes over to the Controller without undue delay.

g) If the User suspects that their personal data are processed unlawfully, they may file a motion for commencement of proceedings on personal data protection at the Office for Personal Data Protection.

h) If the User does not have full legal capacity, their rights may be exercised by their legal representative.

i) If the User is dead, the rights they had according to this Act may be exercised by their close person.

j) Provision of information to the User.

The User request under the letter a), items I. to III., V. to VIII and letter c) to e) shall be handled by the Controller free of charge.

The User request under letter a), item IV. shall by handled by the Controller free of charge except for the charge in the amount that may not exceed the amount of effective material costs related to making copies, obtaining technical media and sending the information to a User, unless otherwise specified by a special act.

The Controller is obliged to handle User request in writing according to this letter and items I. and II. not later than 30 days from the day the request was delivered.

k) The restriction of the User rights under letter b) shall be notified by the Controller to the User and the Office without undue delay.


We would like to notify our Users that data about their name, surname and address may be provided to the companies connected to Slovak Lines by way of property or personally with the purpose of offering trade and services, unless otherwise stated in the terms of specific service.  Potential disapproval with such provision is necessary to state in writing.


By providing information about your email address at the registration for newsletter you grant Slovak Lines consent according to Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on Personal Data Protection to process, administrate and retain personal data for the purpose of sending marketing information about products and services by way of electronic mail, phone or short text messages. You grant your consent for the period of 5 years and acknowledge that this consent may be withdrawn at any time before the expiration of the given period in writing.


Mobile application - Slovak Lines

Slovak Lines defined the purpose of the processing of personal data, determined the conditions of processing and processes personal data on its own behalf as a controller. Identification and contact details of Slovak Lines Express a.s. are listed in Article 1.1 of these Terms of Use.

The subject of processing is the category of personal information you provide when setting up your account in the Application. Personal data is processed to the extent necessary for the purpose of providing this Application and its functions and in terms of obligations of Slovak Lines under the law.

For the purposes of direct marketing, personal data is processed if you have granted such processing consent or if Slovak Lines have a legitimate interest that does not override your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms as the data subject. The consent to the processing of personal data may be withdrawn at any time.

The personal data obtained can then be processed for statistical purposes in a manner compatible with the original purpose of the processing, and Slovak Lines will ensure that personal data is used only to the extent necessary.

Personal data is processed to an extent necessary with respect to a particular purpose. Providing your personal information marked as mandatory when setting up your account in the Application is a contractual and legal requirement. In the event of failure to provide such data, Slovak Lines shall have the right to refuse to establish an account for you in the Application and refuse to use any of its functions the use of which is tied to the establishment of such an account. Provision of other data is voluntary.

A processor authorized by Slovak Lines is also authorized to process personal data. The list of processors entrusted with the processing of personal data by Slovak Lines:
Slovak Lines, a.s., with its registered office at Bottova 7, 811 09 Bratislava, company ID (IČO): 35 821 019; Exponea s.r.o., with its registered office at Twin City B, Mlynské Nivy 12, 821 09 Bratislava, company ID (IČO): 50 017 560.

Slovak Lines also provides personal data, if necessary, to other persons authorized by law.

Personal data will be retained for the period necessary to exercise the rights and fulfillment of the obligations associated with the provision of this Application and its functions, but at least for the period stipulated by the legislation and registration plan and the Slovak Lines policy. If the legal basis for processing your personal data is your consent, the data will be retained for the duration of the consent.

As a data subject, you have the right to:

obtain information and confirmation as to whether personal data related to you are processed, and you have a right of access to processed personal data,

whenever request correction of incorrect personal information,

limit the processing of personal data,

object to the processing of personal data,

file a complaint with the respective supervisory body (e.g. the Office for the Protection of Personal Data of the Slovak Republic),

at any time, withdraw consent to the processing of personal data without prejudice to the lawfulness of the consent-based processing without its revocation,

transfer personal data to another operator (valid from 25.5.2018),

erase data, i.e. the right to forfeit (valid as of 25.5.2018; cannot be applied, if personal data are processed to meet legal obligations, to apply legal claims etc.).

The provisions of this Article 10 of the Terms of Use apply to you only if you are a natural person.

The controller processes personal data in accordance with the valid and effective law on the protection of personal data of the Slovak Republic.


You acknowledge / agree that:

You have right for erasure of personal data whose purpose of processing ended.

You have right to request the access to personal data, their correction and erasure of personal data, right to restriction of personal data processing, right to object against the processing and transferability of personal data;

You have right to file a complaint at the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic, registered seat at Hraničná 12, 820 07 Bratislava, email:, telephone: +421 /2/ 3231 3214 in relation to processing of your personal data provided to the company of Slovak Lines on the basis of this consent;

Provision of the personal data is voluntary and you can withdraw your consent with personal data processing in writing at any time.

You can withdraw your consent or exercise above mentioned rights by written request delivered to the current address of the Slovak Lines provided in the Companies Register of the Slovak Republic or by sending an email to You can withdraw your consent with electronic newsletter distribution also electronically by clicking on Unsubscribe located in the body of the message. In case of consent withdrawal, the relevant personal data must be blocked without undue delay and erased or otherwise removed at the first opportunity.

To comply with all statutory and contractual obligations of Slovak Lines the personal data will be provided to the necessary extent also to third parties participating on ensuring the activities of Slovak Lines in relation to which the personal data are processed on the basis of this consent.


Potential comments and questions regarding personal data protection and in relation to exercising of your statutory right may be addressed to .