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Go to Nitra on comfortable buses of our partners LeviTour, CK DAKA and DOB BUS.

Why travel with us?

You no longer have to rely only on the train. Go to Nitra now with our new line.

  • Travel the cheapest online

    You can always find the best prices on the website or in the Slovak Lines app. Make sure you get your seat on the bus and buy your ticket in advance, conveniently online.

  • Do you travel often? A Travel Pass will come in handy.

    Check out our offer of convenient Travel Passes for multiple trips and save even more.

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  • There is no need to print the ticket

    Save time and energy and get your ticket quickly and conveniently via the Slovak Lines website or always the cheapest via the mobile app. All you have to do is to present yourself with the QR code on the display of your mobile device when boarding.

  • You can also pay by card

    You don’t have to look for an ATM. You can now also pay with a contactless payment card directly at the bus driver.

  • Add-ons

    Are you traveling with a pet, have a lot of luggage, oversized luggage or need to park your car? Find out what you can add to your trip.

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  • Partner Line

    We drive to Nitra with our reliable partners LeviTour, DOBBUS and CK DAKA. Are you a bus carrier and want to be our partner? Get in touch with us.


Carrier Line Validity Route
LeviTour 102515 From 12.02.2024 Bratislava – Trnava – Nitra – Zlaté Moravce – Zvolen – Lučenec – Fiľakovo – Rimavská Sobota View
LeviTour 407501 From 15.07.2024 Bratislava – Nitra – Sereď – Zlaté Moravce View
CK Daka 102516 From 20.03.2023 Bratislava – Nitra – Banská Bystrica – Poprad – Prešov – Bardejov View
CK Daka 102519 From 20.03.2023 Bratislava -Trnava – Nitra -Zvolen – Lučenec – Rimavská Sobota – Rožňava – Košice – Humenné View
Dob Bus 102522 From 01.03.2023 Bratislava – Sereď – Nitra – Zlaté Moravce – Nová Baňa – Žarnovica – Žiar nad Hronom – Handlová – Prievidza View

This destination is operated by our partners LeviTour, CK Daka and DOB BUS. Complete conditions of carriage can be found on the Conditions of carriage page.

  • Banská Bystrica

    In cooperation with CK DAKA, you can go all over Slovakia through a number of interesting stops, including to Banská Bystrica.
    from 9,85 €
  • Bardejov

    In cooperation with CK DAKA, you can once again set off throughout Slovakia through a number of interesting stops to Bardejov.
    from 16,15 €
  • Košice

    In cooperation with CK DAKA, you can once again set off throughout Slovakia through a number of interesting stops to Košice.
    from 14,35 €
  • Poprad

    Get comfortably and quickly across Slovakia to Poprad in cooperation with partner CK DAKA.
    from 13,45 €