Mission and vision


Slovak Lines´s corporate mission is to provide customer services of high quality, to approach actively to resolution of any customer needs, to face any challenges within bus and coach transport in Slovakia and abroad, as well as to increase efficiency and effectiveness of all activities performed in favour of fulfilment of common goals set by our shareholders, management and employees.


We want to be a dynamic, modern and reputable transport company with an increasing share in the transport market, ensuring constant customer satisfaction and performance improvement  with respect to our environment and safety while delivering our services. Our corporate vision is to become the best company providing services of regional and domestic passenger road transport in Slovakia.

All our employees also follow our corporate values stated as Service – Activity – Performance.


We want to care about our customers. Travelling by bus or coach is not only a transportation service but it is also a way to our customer and his/her needs. We do our best to make your travelling more comfortable and more enjoyable. We want to be partners to our customers.


We keep our customers informed and work hard in order to know each other. We listen to your comments and suggestions, dealing with them actively. We improve our quality standards. We invest in new vehicles, prepare a new central bus station and implement new products. Change and development is what characterizes our work. We do not stand still, we just want to go forward. We want to lead the competition along with our customers.


Our 250 vehicles are operated by more then 340 professional drivers to serve our customers. Annualy we carry around 15 million passengers and run more than 15 million kilometres.  Our high performance affects reduction of our transport costs and helps us keep a favourable fare level. We want to be efficient and effective because of you, our customers.