Lower fares on the Bratislava - Prague line


Are you planning a trip to Prague for its history, culture, gastronomy, for business of just a family trip? You don't need to travel by train, take out Business Class coach! Travel comfortably for an awesome price and use our great benefits.

Buy your ticket to Prague and use our Promo fares*

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1st to 4th ticket5th to 10th ticket11th to 20th ticketfrom 21st ticket
€10 for a single ticket€12 for a single ticket€14 for a single ticket€16 for a single ticket
€19 for a return ticket€22 for a return ticket€24 for a return ticket€29 for a return ticket

*PROMO fares - "Discount price now" on the Business Class lines are more affordable when bought in advance. There are 3 price levels, with the price growing with the closer date of departure and rising number of reserved seats. Please be informed that it is not possible to cancel a PROMO ticket, to change the date and time of departure, change the name of the passenger or to combine it with another discount.