Substitute Bus Station Nivy

From 1. 10. 2017 you can find us on Bottova street. The substitute bus station will be a completely new space. Thanks to its unique design and available services it will ensure a high-quality experience for all travelers and serve as a fully-fledged replacement for the former bus station Nivy. Travelers will be able to take advantage of various services such as luggage storage, public toilets that are free of charge, devices to help with travel connection planning as well as free WIFI. In addition to these lucrative services there will be newsstands, bakeries and other stores that will offer a chance to purchase refreshments & groceries.

Where will you find the Nivy substitute Bus Station?
The substitute Nivy Bus Station is located just across the road on Bottova Street.
The move to the newly designed substitute station will take place during the next few weeks.

How do I get to the substitute Nivy Bus Station?
Public transport:
Public transport stops remain unchanged at their original locations
By foot: You will be able to get to the station either from Chalupka or from Mlynská nivy street. Please make sure to use pedestrian crossings when moving on foot.
Car: The only way to access the substitute Nivy Bus Station by car will be via Chalupkova street.

How will the entries and exits be separated on the platforms?
The platforms will be located in front of the building of the substitute Nivy Bus Station. When approaching from the original bus station, you only have to cross the road. We did our best to keep all bus departures on their original platforms. The platforms will be numbered and electronic screens with live information on bus departure times will be available. In some cases bus routes may leave from other platform numbers than they have before. Departure / arrival times are not subject to change and will remain the same.


What stores and services can I find at Nivy Spare Bus Station?

Business names
Reštaurácia BONGIORNO
Potraviny MALINA
FIX SERVIS - Servis mobilných telefónov a tabletov      
KĽÚČIK - kľúčová služba
Kaviareň ROUS
Bistro FUUD