Public Transport in Vienna: Underground, Buses, Trams, Ticket Prices And Other Practical Information

You don't need a car in Vienna. The city has a sophisticated public transport system through which you can get wherever you need. We will help you to get oriented in the transportation means, ticket prices and restrictions before you set off to discover the beauty of Vienna.

If you plan to visit Vienna, you can leave your car at home. We will transport you from Bratislava on our comfortable coaches directly to the centre and, in Vienna, you can take underground, a tram, bus or trolleybus or even a bike if you decide to use the Vienna bike hire services and get wherever you want easily.

To do in Vienna as much as possible, buy a Wien ticket by Slovak Lines for a great price. You can travel from Bratislava to Vienna and back and even use the Vienna public transportation means whole day with only one ticket. Save money, don't worry about buying tickets for public transport in Vienna and enjoy your visit to the Austrian metropolis. For more information about the Wien ticket click here.

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How much are public transport tickets and where can you buy it?

A combined transport Wien ticket costs €10.80 including the journey by coach from Bratislava to Vienna and one-day travelling by the Vienna public transport means (round trip ticket for both ways between Bratislava and Vienna is €14.80). Wien ticket is available online on our website.

Public transportation means run within one tariff zone (100) that reaches all margins of the city with a unified price list. The Vienna transport company Wiener Linien offers several possibilities how to get travel tickets and what type to choose.

A single ticket costs €2.20 (children's ticket is half the price) and the tickets can be bought in news stands, ticket machines or directly on the bus or tram from the driver for extra charge (€2.30). The tickets are not time-limited and they are valid for whole journey on one route including changes. Be careful if you want to turn back; the ticket won't be valid anymore.

The best option for tourists is one-day ticket - either the shopping ticket which is valid from 8am to 8am on working days or regular 24-hour Vienna ticket. If you plan a longer stay in Vienna, you should buy the 48-hour or 72-hour Vienna ticket or the Vienna Card with which you can travel 24, 48 or 72 hours unlimitedly, get a discount in museums, galleries and selected restaurants or shops and one child up to 15 can travel with you free of charge.

If you are going to stay in Vienna for a longer time and you already know that you won't use public transport every day, buy the eight-day ticket which can be used eight days according to your choice (the days don't have to be consecutive).

Pre-school age children and children up to six years of age travel by the Vienna transportation means free of charge. Children up to fifteen years of age travel free of charge at the weekends and on bank holidays. All tickets are available online and can be bought via mobile phone and discounted tickets for the coach and for the Vienna public transport are also available at our company.

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Summary of tickets for the Vienna public transport >>here<<

Plan your journey

Before you set off to Vienna, plan your journey and all the monuments you want to see. Prepare a practical list of all public transport stops you need to know to get oriented. As the Vienna transport network is really thick, it will be wort to have at hand the names of the stops in order for you not to get lost and to be able to easily orient in reading the information panels. You can also plan your journey in advance using the online planner.

Getting on only with a valid ticket

Just like in Slovakia, there's a strict rule also in Vienna - you can get on the public transportation means only with a valid travel ticket (and it also applies to text message tickets). You can mark you ticket by putting it into the blue marker machines at the entrance to the underground or at the doors of a bus or tram. If you buy a ticket from the driver, it's valid from the time of the purchase and there's no need to mark it. If you get caught in the Vienna public transportation means without a valid ticket, you will have to pay a penalty of €103. You will also have to buy a ticket for your dog except small dogs transported in bags or guide dogs.

Underground in Vienna

There are 5 underground lines running across Vienna, marked as U1 to U4 and U6. Lines U1 to U4 are modern underground trains and the renovated tram line U6 will guide you through the historic Vienna viaducts. Half of the underground trains are air-conditioned.

The trains run quite frequently, every 2 - 8 minutes, and you can also transport your bike on all the trains (except on working days between 3pm and 6:30pm - during the peak).

Trams and buses

Apart from the underground, there are also 29 tram lines and 127 bus lines and trolleybus lines in Vienna. They run every 6 - 10 minutes and as many as 90 percent of the buses and a third of the trams are air-conditioned. The Wiener Linien fleet is being extended continuously, so, at the time you're reading this, the number can by much higher.

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