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19. Oct 2023

Prater in Vienna

The Vienna amusement park Prater has a rich history and belongs to the most popular tourist attractions of the Austrian capital. If you haven't visited it yet, you should certainly do it now. The trip is suitable for children, youngsters and even the older ones who still feel like big kids. Before you set the date of your visit, read some practical information.

We will transport you comfortably from Bratislava to Vienna by coach.

After you arrive in Vienna, take the U1 and U2 underground lines or the S1 rapid transit line (the U1 and S1 lines run to the Praterstern stop and the U2 line stops at Messe-Prater).

A single ticket for public transport within Vienna costs €2.20 (children up to 15 can travel for half the price) but if you also want to see some more monuments or attractions in addition to Prater, you should better buy a 24-hour ticket for €7.60

Free of charge entry to the park

You don’t pay any entry fee to enter the area of the amusement park. However, after your entry, you will be able to choose from more than 250 attractions for which you will pay from €1.50 to €10.00 for each. You can also buy a special Pratercard to which you can send money and make contactless payments for the attractions, in the stands and restaurants. You can check your balance on the card online at any time.

The most famous Wiener Riesenrad

At 65 metres, the famous Ferris wheel Riesenrad is the dominant of the whole park and allows the visitors to enjoy the beautiful view of Vienna. It was erected in 1897 to mark the golden anniversary of Emperor Franz Joseph’s accession to the throne and there are several stories associated with it. One of them talks of Madam Solange d´Atalide. In 1914, the famous artist made a sensational film stunt during which she managed to complete one round on horseback on top of one of the cabins.

During World War II Riesenrad burnt but it was built again a year later. Today, you can enjoy a romantic candle light dinner in one of its 15 cabins. The price of a regular ticket for adults is €10 and for children up to 14 €4.50.

70 km per hour on the Megablitz rollercoaster

If you like adrenaline and speed, the Megablitz roller coaster will please your adventurous heart. Reaching the speed of 70 km per hour, it’s one of the fastest roller coasters in Prater. At first, it will lift you up in a 61-degree angle and seat you to the seat at a force of 4.8 g. The ticket costs €4.50.

The highest chain carousel in the world

If you want to enjoy the view of the amusement park and also experience an adrenalin adventure, don’t miss Praterturm – the 115 m tall carousel that is the tallest chain carousel in the world. The ticket costs €6.

Haunted houses

Are you attracted into a bit different kind of adrenalin adventures? Let yourself be locked in one of the many haunted houses in Prater. Visit, for example, Hotel Psycho with zombies or classical haunted house. You can also take a ride on a scary train or on a ‘railway to hell’.

Prater for the little ones

Children will also enjoy Prater a lot. There are a lot of attractions for children such as autodrome, children’s train and motorway, bouncy castles, small chain carousel, minigolf, the Smurf City and many others.

Not only roller coasters

You will surely have fun in the Vienna amusement park even if you don’t belong to adherents of roller coasters or adrenalin. You can also visit Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, planetarium, golf club or open-air swimming-pool. Restaurants with traditional Austrian delicacies, ‘langoshes’ and different kinds of beer are a must.

Amusement park with a rich history

The history of Prater reaches back to 1766 but the amusement nature has been attributed to this place since 1895. In the past, the park site was used as a hunting region for aristocracy until Emperor Joseph II donated it to the public as a relaxing park and allowed building of food stands and restaurants in it. At the end of the 19th century Prater was a place of secret meetings of lovers and many orchestra concerts and puppet theatres for children were organised there.