News and traffic restrictions

27. 3. 2023
New connections to Schwechat and Vienna
From April 1, we will take you on the route Bratislava - Vienna airport up to 24 times a day and directly to the center of Vienna already 15 times a day in both directions. In addition, we are also adding new connections from the Main Railway Station and adding the requested departure from the airport as early as 1:00 AM.

17. 3. 2023
Changes in the timetables of the carrier CD DAKA
The carrier CK DAKA adjusts its timetables on the line Bratislava – Bardejov and Bratislava – Košice from 20 March 2023. The changes concern the restriction of certain connections to Sundays only, the time of departures from the stops and the addition of the Čertovica stop.

8. 3. 2023
Delay to Austria due to increased border controls
Due to increased controls when entering the territory of Austria, please expect a delay at the border when traveling to Schwechat Airport or Vienna. Our drivers always try to be on time, but please plan your journey with enough time to spare.

1. 2. 2023
Enjoy Stuhleck also on Fridays
Due to the great interest in our comfortable skiing tours by bus, you can go directly to the slopes of Stuhleck every Friday from February 10. With a discounted ski pass, free parking in the Nivy center, background in the bus during skiing and additional travel insurance for the mountains.

22. 2. 2023
New destinations with the new partner DOB BUS
Thanks to the cooperation with our new partner DOB BUS, we will take you to other Slovak cities from March 2, 2023: Sereď - Nitra - Zlaté Moravce - Nová Baňa - Žarnovica - Žiar nad Hronom - Handlová - Prievidza.

21. 12. 2022
One-day travel insurance to Stuhleck
So that you can really enjoy your skiing trip to the fullest, you can get "Travel Insurance" with each purchased ticket. It will protect you from the unpleasant consequences of unexpected events in the territory of Austria, whether on the way to a skiing trip or during it. Just choose it as an additional product when buying a ticket.

21. 12. 2022
We go to Stuhleck every day during the holidays
In addition to regular weekends, we will go to Stuhleck every day during the holidays until January 9, 2023. Our comfortable bus will take you directly to the bottom of the slope with a ski pass included in the price of the ticket and comfortably back in the evening. With free parking at the Nivy station, no worries about driving, parking or accommodation and now also with travel insurance.

17. 12. 2022
Opening hours of ticket offices and Lounge during holidays
The services of the cash desks and the international waiting room Lounge at the Nivy bus station will be available to you during and between holidays in the following limited schedule:

26. 8. 2022
Change of Lounge opening hours
From September 1, 2022, we are changing the opening hours of the international waiting room Lounge at the Nivy bus station. We will welcome you here every day from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Come by and wait for your connection in comfort, with fast wifi, refreshments and a wide range of practical accessories for the trip.

27. 6. 2022
Modification of the route and stop under SNP Bridge
From 27 June 2022, you can travel to Vienna's Schwechat International Airport or back even more conveniently and quickly from the Main Railway Station. This improvement has resulted in adjustments to the route and departure time of some connections.

31. 5. 2022
Traffic jam on the Austrian motorway towards Schwechat
Construction work is currently underway on the Austrian motorway from Bratislava to Schwechat Airport, which may result in condensed and slowed-down traffic. Despite our best efforts, there may be a delayed arrival of the connection to the airport for this reason, so we ask you to keep a sufficient time reserve before the trip.

22. 2. 2022
Softer rules upon entry into Austria from 22 February 2022
From Tuesday, February 22, 2022, Austria is easing pandemic measures when entering the country and the interiors of various facilities.

17. 1. 2022
Stricter measures upon entry into Austria from 20 December 2021
From 20 December, only those vaccinated or after overcoming Covid-19 will be allowed to enter Austria. To avoid compulsory quarantine upon arrival in Austria, you must meet one of the following three conditions:

Vienna: Traffic jams due to construction
In Vienna, traffic jams are being formed regularly these days, due to the construction of a busy section. We therefore ask passengers for increased patience and thank you for your understanding.

From 21.10.2020
Vienna: Limited operation
In connection with the Covid-19 infection and the continuing restrictions on traffic, we were temporarily forced to reduce again the number of daily connections on the route Bratislava - Schwechat Airport - Vienna. From Wednesday, October 21, 9 buses run daily from Bratislava to Schwechat Airport and 8 buses to Vienna.


from 29.10.2020
Change in the operating regime of Slovak Lines suburban services due to measures related to Covid 19
29.10.2020: connections marked X, X10 and X80 run, connections marked X11 and X81 do not run. 30.10.2020, 02.11.2020 - 06.11.2020 and 09.11.2020: connections marked X, X11 and X81 run, connections marked X10 and X80 do not run.