News and traffic restrictions

23. - 26. 11. 2023
BLACK FRIDAY: 2 tickets for the price of one until Sunday only!
Don't miss the chance and buy a Black Pass for €8.90. Thanks to it, one trip for you or your loved ones will cost you an incredible €4.45.

16. - 19. 11. 2023
PROMOTION: Special Vienna Travel Pass for only €39
Thanks to November 17, we can all travel the world freely for 34 years. We have prepared a special offer for you this year as well! One trip to Vienna or the airport will cost you only €3.90.

4. 11. 2023
Bus Stop at the Main railway station has been relocated
From Saturday 4.11. our stop at the station is moved from the original platform G, 50 m further to platform H: GPS 48.156805, 17.106478

12. - 14.5. 2023
Shortening of Lounge opening hours
From Friday to Sunday, the International Waiting Room Lounge at the Nivy bus station will be open a little shorter than usual due to capacity reasons. We welcome you from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

27. 3. 2023
New connections to Schwechat and Vienna
From April 1, we will take you on the route Bratislava - Vienna airport up to 24 times a day and directly to the center of Vienna already 15 times a day in both directions. In addition, we are also adding new connections from the Main Railway Station and adding the requested departure from the airport as early as 1:00 AM.

17. 3. 2023
Changes in the timetables of the carrier CD DAKA
The carrier CK DAKA adjusts its timetables on the line Bratislava – Bardejov and Bratislava – Košice from 20 March 2023. The changes concern the restriction of certain connections to Sundays only, the time of departures from the stops and the addition of the Čertovica stop.

21. 12. 2022
We go to Stuhleck every day during the holidays
In addition to regular weekends, we will go to Stuhleck every day during the holidays until January 9, 2023. Our comfortable bus will take you directly to the bottom of the slope with a ski pass included in the price of the ticket and comfortably back in the evening. With free parking at the Nivy station, no worries about driving, parking or accommodation and now also with travel insurance.


from 29.10.2020
Change in the operating regime of Slovak Lines suburban services due to measures related to Covid 19
29.10.2020: connections marked X, X10 and X80 run, connections marked X11 and X81 do not run. 30.10.2020, 02.11.2020 - 06.11.2020 and 09.11.2020: connections marked X, X11 and X81 run, connections marked X10 and X80 do not run.