What is Travel Pass

Travel Pass is a digitál "pass" of Slovak Lines. You buy it once and subsequently use it to get bus tickets for specific connections for 0 €.

Travel Passes are valid for a specific time period. You can use some of them during this period to get a limited amount of bus tickets, others are "unlimited" and you can get as many tickets for 0 € as you like.

Follow our website and activate push notifications in the mobile app of Slovak Lines. You will be first to know about the news and special offers including the new Travel Passes, so you can travel as cheap as possible.

What Kind of Travel Passes We Offer

Monthly Travel Pass to Hainburg

Zone: Bratislava - Hainburg
Price: 60 €
(Adult), 30 € (Child and student)

Travel Pass for this route is valid for 30 days and you can use it to get maximum of 60 one-way tickets on route between Bratislava and Hainburg in any direction.

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Unlimited Vienna

Zone: Bratislava - Vienna
Price: 49 €

Travel Pass is valid for the remaining of 2020 to get unlimited one way bus tickets for the route Bratislava – Vienna in any direction.

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How to Buy Your Travel Pass

1. Log in

You can purchase a Travel Pass online on the Slovak Lines website as a registered user. It is not possible to buy it from the bus driver or at the cashier.

2. Choose your zone

Travel Passes are available for the zones Bratislava - Vienna and Bratislava - Hainburg in both directions. 

3. Choose your Travel Pass

Travel Pass for the route from Bratislava to Hainburg and back is valid for 30 days and you can use it for maximum 60 one-way rides. Travel Pass for the route from Bratislavou to Vienna and back is valid for the rest of 2020 and you can use it for unlimited amount of rides. Travel Pass is non-transferable and can be only used by a passenger who purchased it via their logged-in Slovak Lines user account. Attributes of campaign products can be different.

4. Buy cheaper tickets

Activate your Travel Pass in the customer zone on Slovak Lines website or in your mobile app and finish the online purchase.

Ready to get your Travel Pass?

Choose the route and tariff that you'd like to use the Travel Pass for.

Buying a ticket with Travel Pass

You can purchase transport tickets using the Travel Pass online via the Slovak Lines website or directly from the bus driver.

Buying the ticket with your Travel Pass in mobile app:

1. If you're logged in our user account and have a valid Travel Pass, you can activate it in upper right corner of the screen by tapping the "Activate Travel Pass" button. You can also find your Travel Passes in the menu. 

2. Pick the Travel Pass from the list that you want to use. You will see the activated Travel Pass in the upper right corner of the purchase screen.

3.  Vyhľadajte si spoj a zakúpte si jednosmerný lístok (cestu späť je potrebné zakúpiť samostatne). Nákup dokončíte bez platby, cesta sa vám odráta z predplateného počtu jázd na Travel Passe.

Buying the ticket with your Travel Pass on the website:

1. You can find your Travel Pass in the customer zone.

2. Activate it by clicking the „Use“ button. You will see the activated Travel Pass in the upper left corner of the "plan your trip" screen.

3. Choose your bus and buy the one-way ticket (return tickets must be purchased individually). You will finish your purchase withou paying, the trip will be deducted from the number of pre-paid rides. 

Buying the ticket at the driver's:

You can use your valid Travel Pass also for purchasing the bus ticket directly at the driver's on the route that the Travel Pass is valid for. Just present the QR code of your Travel Pass to the driver. The ideal way is to use the Slovak Lines app. Note that if you're buying the bus ticket at the driver's, there can be no free seats available. We suggest you purchase your tickets earlier.

Good to know

Conditions of cancelling

It is not possible to cancel your Travel Pass. You can cancel the ticket puchased with your Travel Pass up to 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the bus. The cancelled ride will be added back to your Travel Pass.

If you fail to board the bus for which you've purchased the ticket with your Travel Pass, this ticket is considered used and it is not possible to return it or added back to the Travel Pass. It is the passenger's responsibility to cancel the ticket prior to the failing to board the bus.

Additional info

The Travel Pass is not transferable, it is always linked to a specific person. The customer must have their name and surname filled in their user account. The name and surname must match the name and surname on the ID that the customer will use in case their ticket is checked.

You can find all your active Travel Passes in your Customer Zone.

We recommend buying your ticket in advance

The Travel Pass serves as a discount voucher for the purchase of transport tickets for a specific date and time. It is not a transport ticket itself.

Note that when buying a ticket with the Travel Pass from the driver, there may be no room left on the bus if the bus service is sold out.

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