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Prešporáčik Oldtimer

Set out to discover Bratislava from the deck of the stylish Prešporáčik train, which will take you through the most interesting corners of the historic core of the city. Plan your ride based on what interests you or order a tailor-made ride.

Operating hours
15. 3. – 15. 6. 9:00 – 18:00
16. 6. – 15. 9. 9:00 – 20:00
16. 9. – 15. 11. 9:00 – 18:00
16. 11. – 15. 3. 10:00 – 16:00

Castle circuit (60 minutes)

Onbound Duration Stop Capacity
Hvieztoslav Square 60 minutes 20 minutes on Castle 208 people

Get to know the wider center of Bratislava and the Bratislava Castle itself. The beginning of the circuit is near the historical building of the Slovak National Theater with the Ganymede fountain, which is steeped in Greek mythology. It continues under “Manderlák”, Bratislava’s first high-rise building, past the historic post office building to the Church of the Holy Trinity. There begins Obchodná ulica, a sought-after promenade full of shops and restaurants.

You will gradually see the Blumentál Church, the National Bank of Slovakia, the iconic “inverted pyramid” of the Slovak Radio, the historic summer residence of the archbishop, which today serves as the seat of the Government of the Slovak Republic, and the presidential palace from 1760. The next stop is the Bratislava Castle and the adjacent building of the Parliament of the Slovak Republic. You will take a 20-minute break at the castle with wonderful views of the city and visit the picturesque baroque garden.

On the way from the castle, you will be enchanted by the majestic Most SNP, the longest pylon bridge in the world with an unmissable restaurant reminiscent of a UFO and the building of the Slovak National Gallery with its controversial architectural solution. We will show you one of the city’s oldest hotels and you will learn interesting facts about the origin of the Slovak language and other important events connected with Bratislava.

Price list

Tarif Age Price
Adult 15+ 16 €
Child 3-14.9 8 €
Child 0-2.9 0 €


You can buy a ticket directly at the ticket offices of the Nivy bus station in Bratislava.

Panoramic circuit (95 minutes)

Onbound Duration Stops Capacity
Hvieztoslav Square 95 minutes 20 minutes on the Castle
5 minutes on Slavín
208 people

Enjoy Bratislava through the most beautiful panoramic views. We will take you to see them, for example, as far as Slavín – to the monument to fallen Soviet soldiers from the 2nd World War. Vojny, where during a 15-minute break, in addition to the wide view, you can enjoy a beautiful park with the monument itself as a central dominant. The whole city with its historical and modern buildings is right in the palm of your hand.

We will then take you to the second elevated place with its dominant feature – the Bratislava Castle, where during a 20-minute break you will see the entire part of the city stretching beyond the Danube and you can see far beyond the Austrian borders. You will relax in the charming baroque garden and explore the courtyard with the castle well. As part of the tour, you will also see the fabulously beautiful art nouveau Blue Church, the modern building of the Slovak National Theater and the shopping center of the new port district Eurovea. You will get to know the historic SND building with the Ganymede fountain, the Government Office building, the Presidential Palace and many other interesting buildings. You will get to know the history ranging from the establishment of the Hungarian kingdom, through the period of the coronation of Maria Theresa, the period of socialism until the present day.

Price list

Tarif Age Price
Adult 15+ 24 €
Child 3-14.9 12 €
Child 0-2.9 0 €


You can buy a ticket directly at the ticket offices of the Nivy bus station in Bratislava.