How to buy a travel ticket

If you are traveling with regional transport, buy your tickets directly from the driver.

You can also buy from the driver tickets for long-distance and, in extraordinary cases, international lines. However, it is more suitable to buy travel tickets in advance in such cases. 

You may do so:
In the sales offices at the Mlynské Nivy coach station,
At the sales points throughout Slovakia,
In case of international journeys, also at our partners based abroad.

The quickest and most comfortable purchase of travel tickets is our online sale, though. You just have to follow these five steps:


Click on the area of your destination:

• Europe and Slovakia – for international and for domestic services,
• Bratislava and surroundings – for regional services (information only).

Enter your connection requirements:

• From

• To

Please, note that not all destinations within Slovakia provide good connections for travelling abroad. Therefore it might be better to choose a changing option in Bratislava at the Temporary Bus Station Nivy and to change for international coach line services (select „Bratislava, AS“). Please, note that it is not possible to buy a ticket for any travel between two foreign destinations, e.g. London – Paris. A starting point or final destination must be a place within the Slovak Republic.

Choose a ticket type:

• one-way, valid for a single journey to a required destination,

• fixed return, valid for a return journey on a fixed date and at a given departure time,

• OPEN return, valid for an onward journey on a fixed date and for a return journey on a to-be-specified date.

— Your OPEN return ticket is valid for 180 days from the date of your first travel (except for services to Greece where any OPEN return ticket is valid for 3 months from the date of your first travel).

— Your OPEN return journey must be however booked in a certain advance at any of our foreign partner offices (a detailed list is available after clicking on Eurolines and then on Partner Offices in Europe) or at any of our sales points in Slovakia (a detailed list is available after clicking on Eurolines and then on Sales Points). Your OPEN return ticket can be also booked directly at our ticket desks no. 1, 2, 3 at the Bus Station of Mlynské Nivy.

— If you fail to make a booking for your return journey, you take the risk of a full coach having no seat left for you.

Choose your travel date:

Here you are given options of the next possible connection on your required route. You can select any of the available connections displayed, and/or find your connection by selecting the next screen of available connections, or directly through the pre-set calendar.

After entering the above data you get details as follows:

• departure time from the starting point,

• arrival time at the final destination,

• travel duration,

• basic fare (here you can see a basic fare which might vary from the final fare discounted as per your age group to be selected in the next step).

If you are happy with the connection selected, please, click on "Buy".



• the number of passengers travelling with you as per discount types provided,

• fill in passenger names as per age discounts selected.

Note: (please, do not use diacritical marks; e.g. Ďurič – entered as Duric).

If you have filled in all the data required, please, click on "Continue".


Payments can be settled in one of the following ways:

• CardPay – for payments by bank credit card (Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron accepted),

• internet banking – available through your bank´s website as soon as appropriate internet banking service is activated; each bank uses different commercial name for this service:

° Tatrabanka - TatraPay

° Slovenská sporiteľňa - SporoPay

° Všeobecná úverová banka - VUB e-payments.

• The method of your ticket delivery is default, i.e. electronic delivery by e-mail.

• Enter required data. Please, enter all mandatory data, including your e-mail address to which your electronic ticket is to be delivered. Please, make sure that all data entered is correct as the electronic ticket is the only travel document entitling a passenger to a travel on a particular service.

If you have filled in all the data required, please, click on "Submit Your Order".


Here you can see all the data entered in the system and make sure that all the data is correct. At the same time you are offered an option to buy a travel insurance product by UNION. If you decide for this travel insurance, you will be then, after completing the ticket purchase, redirected to the website of the UNION Insurance Company.

• If your data is correct, please, confirm that you agree with the Carriage Conditions.

• Please, tick if you are interested in regular newsletters and promo offers to be sent to your e-mail address.

After confirmation you will be redirected to your bank´s website in order to settle the payment. These sites are secured against any fraud. After the payment has been completed, please, leave the secured bank zone correctly so that you could then receive your electronic ticket.

Please, click on "Confirm Your Order".


After completing all the above steps you will receive a confirmation of payment settled. Afterwards you will be e-mailed your electronic ticket. You must have a print-out of the ticket and show it to the driver upon boarding.

Now you have made the most important travel arrangement. Please, do not forget to take a print-out of your ticket with you!