Attention! Changes in transportation between Bratislava-Wien during the EU summit in 16th September

september 14, 2016

Because of the European Union's summit, which is going to be held in the 16th of September, there will be traffic restrictions and road closures in the capitol, therefore our buses on the line Bratislava-Wien-Airport Schwechat are driving on the roundabout.

Buses departing from Bratislava and Wien between 8 and 10 a.m., and from 12 to 1 p.m. are not stopping at stations Bratislava, Petrzalka- Einstein str. and Airport Bratislava. Buses from the bus station Mlynské nivy and Wien are running by the schedule.

The suburban buses of the Slovak Lines are running by schedule as well, however, because of the traffic restrictions there might be delays. In case of any problems the lines will be modified in operative ways. As all the participants of the public transportation, the buses of the Slovak Lines will run according to the police's briefing.

Furthermore we are reminding you, that during the EU summit all kind of public transportations in Bratislava and it's district are totally FREE.

We are asking you for understanding and patience.