I'm flying from the Vienna Airport

Daily express Bratislava - Vienna Airport/Vienna’s centre service with a well-established Slovak operator is now even more advantageous. You can choose one of our 20 bus rides each way. Travel with a well-established Slovak operator is now even more advantageous. 

Travel with a well-established Slovak operator now for less; tickets starting at 1€ each!

The pricelist >>HERE<< is valid from 16 July 2017; prices for passengers travelling from the Bratislava coach station to Vienna International Airport and to the centre of Vienna do not change. New coaches and quality services remain a matter of course.

The ticket price includes:

A NEW FEATURE just for you - exceptional luggage insurance - our maximum liability to you for any loss or damage to your luggage is 1000€
A NEW FEATURE just for you  - travel without the hassle of printing a ticket – simply present a QR code or valid reservation number, provided at the time of purchase, via phone or tablet
A NEW FEATURE just for you – a family package that helps you save! Our family ticket for two adults and two children (under the age of 14) is as cheap as 12€. (A two-way return family ticket costs 20€)
A NEW FEATURE just for you – did you purchase your ticket via pelikan.sk? Buy your bus ticket at a discounted price together with your flight ticket.
Did you miss your bus because of a late plane arrival to Vienna Airport? No worries, with Slovak Lines you can use your already purchased ticket to board any of our following buses, guaranteed.
• Unlimited WiFi – enjoy our free high quality cross-national internet service
Refreshments – free mineral water & snacks
Daily newspapers
Feature magazines – (Forbes, Slovak Lines magazine, etc.)
Carry-on luggage – Bring your carry-on board with you and place it in the overhead storage compartments or under the seat, just as you would in an airplane
Luggage – we carry up to two pieces of your luggage for free
Replacement vehicle from Slovakia or Austria – ready for use in case of any technical difficulties. No delays, no stress.
We travel 20x per day – come whenever, go whenever
Our bus managers will happily provide you with any information regarding your trip with Slovak Lines
Air conditioned buses

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Thank you. It is because of customers like you that our Bratislava-Vienna service has been operating for the past 50 years. To show our appreciation of your benevolent cooperation we have prepared a few surprises. What are they? You will soon find out.

To ensure a high level of comfort:

Our first bus leaves the Main Bus Station (AS Mlynske Nivy) from Bratislava at 4:00am and arrives at the Vienna Airport at 5:00am – ensuring you will arrive at the airport bright and early! Have a late night arrival at the airport? Not a problem! Our last bus leaves Vienna Airport at 0:00am.

Print your pocket-sized bus schedule >>TIMETABLE<<.

Our travel advice:
Buy a two-way ticket. Choose a specific date and time for your departure and choose a date-specified return ticket or an OPEN ticket for your way back.

If your flight is delayed, your already purchased ticket will not go void. You can use the same ticket to board any of our following buses headed to Bratislava (granted there is enough space).

If you are getting off the bus at the Bratislava-Petrzalka stop, kindly advise the bus driver accordingly as he loads your luggage onto the stacking department. This will enable the bus driver to easily access your baggage quickly and efficiently as this stop does not allow much waiting time.

Important information:
Arrival and departure platforms:

Arrival platform A1 coming from Bratislava
Departure platform C1 headed to Bratislava

Airport Vienna
Stop n.5 coming from Bratislava
Stop n.4 headed to Bratislava

Buying and reserving tickets:
Office and seating lounge opening hours:
Monday to Friday    7:30 am – 3:30 pm
Sunday & Saturday    7:30 am – 5:00 pm

Airport Vienna
You can use the ticket machines at the airport during the airport’s working hours.

For the simplest and fastest way to buy your online tickets, visit www.slovaklines.sk. We look forward to serving you!