International Slovak Lines connections

International buses of Slovak Lines Express are suspended at least until April 30, 2020:

Bratislava - Airport Vienna - Vienna

Bratislava - Budapest - Airport Budapest

Bratislava - Hainburg

Passengers with purchased tickets have been sent an e-mail with the information about free cancellation of tickets.

Regional Slovak Lines Regio Connections

Regional buses of Slovak Lines Regio operate due to the Saturday timetable. In working days from Monday to Friday, extra connections are added:

connection 2 at 4:20AM from Malacky to Bratislava
connection 6 at 5:10AM from Malacky to Bratislava

connection 8 at 5:01AM from Čataj to Bratislava

connection 4 at 4:26AM from Vlky to Bratislava
connection 26 at 5:46AM from Tomášov, osada to Bratislava

106407 (259 IDS BK)
connection 104 at 6:50AM from Kuchyňa to Malacky, ž (arrival 7:20AM)

connection 108 at 5:14AM from Suchohrad to Bratislava

connection 5 at 6:37AM from Bratislava to Senec

an extra bus is added to the connection 102429/8 from Štefanová to Bratislava, starting from the stop Pezinok, Trnavská ul., leaving at 6:03AM

and an extra bus is added to the connection 102402/6 from Rohožník to Bratislava, starting from the stop Jablonové, Jednota at 4:55AM

New connections from Tuesday, March 31, 2020:

connection 23 at 2:45PM from Bratislava to Malacky

and an extra bus is added to the connection 102416/132 from Borský Svätý Jur, leaving from the stop Veľké Leváre, Habánsky dvor at 5:09AM connecting to 102417/8 to Bratislava, leaving Malacky at 5:30 AM.

MHD Malacky

Public bus transportation is suspended in Malacky until Sunday, March 29.

MHD Senec

Public bus transportation is suspended in Senec until revoked.

Safety Measures

We ask the passengers to observe the safety measures in all Slovak Lines buses due to the emergency situation.

Board the bus through the back door only

This is a measure to protect the driver from the possible risk of infection.

Do not occupy the space of the first 8 seats in the front

The space of first 8 seats in the bus is divided from the rest of the bus. Again, this is to make sure the drivers are safe and able to continue their operation.

Purchase Tickets Via IDS BK Mobile App

If you hold the pre-paid card valid for a period of time, you don't have to buy the ticket, just make sure you have your card on you. If you have a pre-paid credit on your card, purchase tickets via IDS BK mobile app. Your credit will be available to you after the emergency situacion is over.

Do Not Board Without Face Mask

All passengers are required to wear the protective face mask during travel or an effective alternative (scarf, etc.). Failing to do so is considered a threat to the fellow passengers and can result in contacting the police.

Thank you for helping us protect your fellow passengers and the bus drivers.

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