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Alpine skiing with benefits

We go to Stuhleck every Saturday, Sunday and during the school holidays from the Bus Station in Bratislava, from platform no. 11 at 7:00 in the morning. We arrive below the Stuhlecka slope at approximately 9:00 and set off back to Bratislava at 4:30 p.m.

New rules for entering Austria

Please keep in mind that from 20 December 2021, new, more stringent anti-pandemic measures will apply when entering Austria.

1. The new "OP +" regime applies to our neighbors, which allows entry to Austria only to persons who are fully vaccinated or did overcome the Covid-19 disease, and in order to avoid compulsory quarantine, you must meet one of the following three conditions:

- You must have a booster dose of the vaccine, called Booster.

- Without booster vaccination you must have a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours and the full vaccination must not be older than 270 days. From 1 February 2022, this period is reduced to 180 days.

- If you did overcome Covid-19, you must have a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours and the certificate of overcoming must not be older than 180 days. If you have demonstrably overcome the disease max. 90 days ago, you do not need a PCR test.

Otherwise, you will have to wait in self-isolation for a negative PCR test after entering Austria, or as an unvaccinated person (after overcoming) you will have to enter a 10-day quarantine, which you can end on the fifth day with a negative PCR test.
These rules do not apply to persons under 12 years of age.

2. Austria shall consider as a vaccinated person only a person vaccinated with a substance registered by the European Medicines Agency or the World Health Organization. Therefore, he will not accept SPUTNIK vaccination.

3. At the same time, it is necessary to cover the upper airways with FFP2 and higher respirators in cable car cabins and other covered areas. People under the age of 6 do not need to have any airway coverage, and a veil, scarf or other adequate replacement is sufficient for people aged 6 to 14.

The driver or stewardess is entitled to check whether the passenger has the necessary documents before entering the vehicle. Otherwise, the driver is entitled not to transport the passenger without the right to a replacement date or refund of the fare.

Cheaper ski passes

With us, you also have ski passes at the ticket price for a much better price than at the ticket office on the slope.

Background in the bus

Background in the bus

Our luxury bus is available in the parking lot under the slope at lunchtime.

Parking in Bratislava

Parking in Bratislava

The ticket price includes free all-day parking at the Nivy Bus Station in Bratislava.

Please do not forget to take your parking ticket with you to the bus so that we can confirm it for you.

Exclusive limited offer: PCR test for 9,90 €

Exclusive limited offer: PCR test for 9,90 €

If you need a PCR test to enter Austria, we have a limited promotion for you for only € 9.90. Choose it when buying a ticket to Stuhleck or Semmering as the so-called add-on and we will send you a promo code within 12 hours at the latest, with which you can order your test at for the price of 0 euros. Collection takes place at more than 20 locations throughout Slovakia and you will receive the result within 26 hours at the latest.

The promo code for the purchase of a PCR test for 0 € is valid until 30.6.2022. This add-on cannot be canceled and a financial compensation cannot be claimed for it in case of non-connection. This add-on can only be purchased individually for each ticket purchased separately.

You do not have to print the ticket

You do not have to print the ticket

Buy it online via the Slovak Lines website or app, and you can easily show it on the phone display when you get started.

Enjoy entertainment and services along the way

Enjoy entertainment and services along the way

Connect to our reliable free Wi-Fi and enjoy the fun on your own. USB chargers, air conditioning and small refreshments are a matter of course.

Transport even without ski pass

Transport even without ski pass

Aren't you skiing? We will also take you to Stuhleck to accompany your children and acquaintances. Just buy a ticket without a ski pass.

Don't forget your ID

Don't forget your ID

The bus to Stuhleck crosses the border. Therefore, we remind you that you must have an identity card with you when you board, otherwise we would not be able to take you away.

Are you interested in a group event?

Again, we will also offer discounted transport for large groups, from corporate to school trips. We will be happy to provide you with all information at or by phone at +421 905 203 986.

Practical information

Travel ticket

• is valid for a specific day
• cannot be canceled online
• we recommend that you buy it at least a day in advance

Additional info

We will transport your skis, snowboard or other skiing luggage free of charge. We recommend that you pack these items in a suitable protective case.

The transport of animals on this line is excluded.

In case of cancellation by the carrier due to non-fulfillment of the minimum capacity (no later than 15 hours before the scheduled departure), the passenger will be proposed a new departure date or the fare will be refunded in full without charging a cancellation fee.

We apologize, but the operation of the toilets on the buses is interrupted in the winter months.

Stuhleck resort

At 1,783 meters above sea level, Stuhleck near Spital am Semmering is the highest peak on the eastern edge of the Alps and also the largest ski resort in eastern Austria. In 1891, Stuhleck was the first peak to be climbed on skis. This event will make the region around Semmering one of the leading winter sports resorts in Austria.


You can get an all-day ski pass for the ticket from the driver after boarding the bus. Passengers are kindly requested to return it to the driver after skiing. If the passenger does not return the used ski pass to the driver, he will be obliged to return a 3 € deposit.


  Adult (18 y. plus)  Junior (15-17 y.) Child (0-14 y.)
Transport + skipas 59 € 55 € 41 €
Transport 25 € 25 € 25 €


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